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Screendragon – Ways of Working Infographic

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The working world as we know it is changing. The 9-5 office life, that many have grown accustomed too for so long, is adapting and changing for working life post Covid. Screendragon, a leading provider of marketing project management software, conducted an industry-wide survey of more than 100 marketers to assess their Ways of Working 2020.

The infographic highlights a selection of the interesting findings from the survey. It is clear from Screendragon’s research that the perception of remote working is generally very positive. More than half of marketers said they found it easier to concentrate had over 50% said they saw an improvement in mood. Is this related to the observation that 60% find it easier to concentrate when working from home? Prior to the pandemic, more than 30% of marketers had never worked remotely but in the future almost 85% would like to work from home at least once a week. Does this mean office life will become a thing of the past?

In addition to surveying the state of work, marketers were asked to envisage the future of work from their perspective. Many feel that a remote working world will be the new normal and that life will become easier as a result. Commutes will no longer impose on people’s time and working in the comfort of your home could mean more determination to get things done. Several marketers have already begun celebrating the ‘death of the office’ and are looking forward to the benefits of a healthier working environment and working with more flexible employers; “Companies that previously said working from home wasn’t possible due to a variety of factors will now have to admit that it is an effective option”.

To read more about remote working for marketers and the future then check out the full infographic below. You can also read the full report ‘Ways of Working 2020’ from Screendragon by clicking here.

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