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The Brief Handbook on Exceptional SaaS App Design

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Your SaaS app’s design is as important as its features. Bringing an awesome idea to life, it is crucial to show it to your customers in a correct, attractive way. Remember: the competition is intense, and you should employ all the best practices and secret tricks to win your place under the SaaS galaxy sun.

A successful design strategy may become a tipping point in the story of your corporation. And today, in this article, you are going to get the facts, details and tried and tested tips on how to build a remarkable SaaS app design. We will briefly review UI specifics and UX peculiarities; we will provide you with key recommendations from skilled IT specialists and inspire to take your app to a higher level. Your journey to an outstanding SaaS application starts here!

Secrets of Attractive User Interface Design

To make customers love your app, you should follow several steps:

  1. Tell them WHY they need your app;
  2. Show them that it looks so nice that it needs to be tried;
  3. Amaze them with unique and useful functionality and high performance.

Now, we will discuss the second point. Visual perception matters much; thus, you need to have a well-thought design strategy from the very beginning of the development process. And here are several tips on how to build lovely SaaS app’s UI design:

Opt for simplicity

Plain and simple designs will Helvetica fonts are trendy. Cluttered design with masses of useless buttons, forms and fields will take you nowhere but to fail. Minimalism may become your magic wand when winning customers’ hearts.

Color scheme

Here’s the short story about the meaning of color. Several years ago, Tokyo railways installed blue lights on the platforms instead of red ones. It has led to a 74% decrease of suicides on these stations. So think carefully when picking a color for your website.

  • Find your primary and secondary color

Remember that users will associate your entire business with the primary color. Choose calming and positive color; avoid too bright or too dark shades. Green, blue, pastel tons are one of the best options. With a light background, your website can score.

Secondary colors should augment the primary one. To, find the perfect matches, use specifics tools like Coolors, Canva, etc.

Keep in mind that neutral colors like white, black and grey should be present, too.

  • Decide on a color scheme

Typically, experienced designers offer a three-color combination for a website. The 60-30-10 rule means that your primary color takes 60% of a web page, secondary colors take 30% and the remaining 10% belong to neutral colors.


Do you already have a great business logo? Does it match your app’s design? Make sure that your app’s and logo colors are organically combined.

Put your business logo on the top left of your landing page. A central part of the screen may be a good choice to put a logo on, too.

Custom illustrations

Each illustration you post on your website pages should demonstrate the following features:

  • Uniqueness;
  • High-resolution;
  • High quality.

All the images should be connected with your business topic or designed similarly. They should be clear and authentic, not the first ones you can find on Google.

Mobile design

Even if it seems to you that your SaaS website looks awesome, check its mobile version. Are the colors and fonts look exactly like you want them to look? Are you satisfied with the app’s general mobile appearance? In a world where people devote so much time to work with their mobile devices, it may be a fatal mistake not to pay attention to the app’s mobile version design.

Best hints on SaaS app UX design

Now, it is time to provide users with a seamless experience. Here are several components of a great UX design:

Fast and easy sign-in

Filling a huge form of entering tons of personal information to an enormous sheet, your potential customer starts to hate your app. Save his or her time, and optimize everything you can. The sign-in process should be fast, easy and effortless; besides, it should take not more than 3 steps.

Don’t worry, you will have enough opportunities to get to know your customers more when they’ll start using your app. First of all, it is significant not to scare them so email and name would be enough.

Intuitive navigation

Do you have much time to train your users and answer myriads of their questions about how to use your app? We believe you don’t. That’s the reason you should develop simple and clear navigation.

Add the menu with important links to the main page. Let users choose their next action step by step, don’t provide too much useless information but give a clear understanding of what to do next.

Our partners from Clockwise Software shared with us an interesting hint: easy navigation is your chance not only to present your uniqueness and but also to prove that your app is better (and easier to understand) than rival products.

Immediate support

Live chat is the best way to provide your users with quick assistance during the entire process. You can either develop a useful chatbot or hire a customer support team. The point is to react to customer’s issues as quick and effective as possible.

Feedback form

Yes, a feedback form is a mush-have on your website. It is an organic cycle:

  • customers like your SaaS app,
  • they want to share their positive experience,
  • they leave a review,
  • positive feedback attracts even more customers,
  • the product improves,
  • new customers leave positive reviews etc.

Inspire the users to tell good things about your product. Improve the experience for your former and future customers.

How to improve your SaaS app’s design?

If you’ve run out of great idea for app’s redesign, try the following tips:

Ask customers what they think

You may use either emails or a simple form on your website. The point is to collect customers’ opinions about your app’s design. There is a possibility you will find an excellent idea among these opinions.

Try A/B testing

Do you like experiments? Try A/B design testing and find out which version of the app’s design your customers will love.

Focus on the target audience

Remember: many potential users may come to your website, go, and never come back. Thus, you need to pay particular attention to what the target audience wants to see on your website. These people are the ones who should advise you on how to improve the app’s features and design.

And last but not least tip: never stop improving your SaaS app’s design.

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