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Why Python Is So Popular For Developers?

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Python is known for its simplicity. It has very easy to learn syntax, and therefore, people like to learn it. At the same time, what makes Python a hit amongst the developers is the fact that it is easily readable. As a result, you would get to limit the cost associated with the maintenance of the program. Additionally, Python is known worldwide for its modules and packages. And, the main advantage of using Python is that it promotes the reuse of code and it even encourages program modularity. The main factor that makes Python a favorite of many is the fact that it is extremely easy to learn and use.

Python is becoming more and more popular now and then. In recent years, we have started seeing a whole lot of news and discussions surrounding Python. The language has risen to fame quickly and there are tons of reasons behind it. Some of the most famous developer communities, just like CodeAcademy as well as StackOverflow depict the increasing use of Python. It is becoming a major programming language in the near time. Also, it is a hit amongst the beginners.

Listed below are a few of the top reasons that make Python a hit amongst the developers, the businesses and even the newbies:

  • Python is a favorite programming language for data scientists 

Python is one of the top choices of data scientists. It is preferred for machine learning and artificial intelligence as well. At the same time, Python is one of the most diverse programming languages in the world. And, it is Python more diverse than R, which was considered to be the most popular languages for data sciences. Thus, you can do a lot using Python. The developers can easily develop scripts to automate stuff. Also, you can even get into python software development, and there too, you will be able to do a lot using Python. The framework of Python and libraries like PyMySQL, PyBrain, and NumPy have made it a perfect choice of the data science industry.

  • Python is smooth and simple 

Every developer would want to choose a programming language that is simple to not only learn but also use. As, in the long run, only languages that are simple and easy to use will be preferred more than the complicated ones. And, as Python is one of the simplest of all the programming languages, therefore, a large number of developers like to learn and use Python in the long run. It is a minimalistic language. And, it is not only easy to understand or read, but it is pretty easy to write too. Therefore, the process of writing codes is mostly less lengthy and more hassle-free. Also, the process of spotting and resolving problems when you are using Python is quite easy. You can easily aim the issue and not the programming language or syntax. And, then solving the problem is easier too.

  • Portability of Python is the talk of the town 

Python is one of the most portable programming languages in the world. This means, that unlike other programming languages, you won’t have to make any changes to the Python codes if you want to use them in some other platform. So, the similar Python codes can be run anywhere, even on a wide range of different platforms. For example, if you want to run a series of C++ codes on a different platform the then you would be required to modify the codes for the platform but, if you are using Python, then, in that case, you won’t have to modify the code at all. Popularly known as WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere), this feature is one of the best Python features. But, at the same time, you should be careful of not including the system-dependent characteristics in Python.

  • Python is comparatively more reliable 

Python is known for its dependability too. It is one of the most reliable and safest programming languages in the world. The language does not contain any pointers that you may see in some of the other C-based programming languages. Thus, it is a lot steadier. At the same time, even all the errors in Python never pass without a buzz, it is just that they have to be silenced explicitly. This makes it easy for the engineers to identify the issues and determine where and what exactly led to the crashing of the program. Based on the information, further steps can be taken to get rid of the problem. Therefore, the process of rectifying errors is also simplified and quick.

  • Python is preferred for web development 

So, if you like web development and you would want to establish your career in the same field, then, in that case, you may want to learn Python too. Python has established its name as a fantastic programming language. There are tons of highly advanced libraries and frameworks that Python offers. For example, Flask and Django development. They make the process of web development extremely quick and efficient. The web development process is quicker via Python as compared to other languages. For example, a task that may take only a few minutes using Python might take some hours if PHP is used. Thus, Python is preferred extensively for web scrapping.


Now, when it comes to Python developers, they choose Python because of a lot of reasons. And, one of them is that there is a good career scope in the field of Python. A lot of people have realized that learning Python will benefit them in the long run and that is why they are preferring Python over tons of other programming languages. At the same time, Python is used everywhere and for a lot of things, thus, you will get a lot of options and you won’t be restricted to only one field. Additionally, Python seems to have a very bright future ahead!


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