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FaxDroid Review: The Best Free Online Fax Service

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While many would regard the fax as outdated technology, it’s still extremely important in the modern-day. Anyone who works in a regulated industry such as healthcare is familiar with the burdens of paperwork and printing. The labor time, storage space, and other expenses of large-scale faxing are prohibitive. However, switching to a free online fax service like FaxDroid can free you from the tyranny of paperwork.



  • Varied pricing plans
  • Simple, straightforward usage – no download or registration necessary
  • Free and business-level options
  • Send faxes to 27+ countries


  • Free version is highly limited
  • Only offers fax numbers in six countries at the time of writing
  • Progressively higher plans only offer modest bulk saving

Benefits of FaxDroid

There are several types of people who can benefit from using FaxDroid. Businesses that rely heavily on faxing have access to an affordable, Enterprise level plan in the form of the $24/mo Business plan. If you’re a private individual who only needs to send a fax occasionally, then it’s the perfect free solution. Instead of heading over to a fax office, you’ll be able to send them from home.

Individuals and small businesses that need to send and receive faxes will need to pay, but there are several suitable plans. One of the strengths of FaxDroid is that it’s easy to find a suitable pricing plan for your needs.

Pricing Plans

On the pricing page, FaxDroid offers five pricing models. One of these is just a free trial version for those who make an account, but the other four are each unique. Once you reach the paid plans, you gain access to all the core features of FaxDroid. From Start through to Business, the upgrade entails increasingly high limits on the numbers of faxes you can send. You’re able to send extra faxes past your limit on each plan, but these will cost an additional payment starting at $0.1 a page.

Guest (Free version)

This is the no-cost, no signup version of FaxDroid. You can try it out to see how easy it is to send a fax with their service. It includes email notifications, email-based customer support, and six free pages a day. It’s exceedingly barebones and doesn’t include your history, a number to receive faxes, or worldwide faxing. Nonetheless, this will be an adequate solution to the faxing needs of many people.

Free Online Fax Trial

Once you sign up for FaxDroid, you can send five pages worldwide and view your fax history. Those five pages are a hard limit, which means the trial version has limited utility. At the end of the day, it’s only a way to familiarize yourself with the services. After giving the free trial version a shot, you’ll have to choose whether to upgrade or stick with the Guest pricing model.


Upgrading to Starter will give you several perks over Guest and the Free Trial. In addition to the new features of the free trial such as history and worldwide delivery, you have a dedicated fax number. Thanks to this feature, you’ll be able to receive fax from all over the world. A US fax number comes free with Starter and up, but you’ll pay extra for the other five nations available:

  • United Kingdom $1/mo
  • Canada $1/mo
  • Puerto Rico $4/mo
  • Israel $6/mo
  • Australia $9/mo

Where the next two plans improve over Starter is in the number of faxes that they include in the basic plan. At $5, Starter includes the ability to send 80 pages globally each month.

Personal and Business

Personal and Business function the same way that Starter does, but they come with higher prices and higher page limits. In the case of Personal, the price increases to $12/mo and you can send 200 pages. This is a good choice for small businesses that don’t rely very heavily on faxing. Upgrading to Business will double the number of pages you can send while doubling the cost to $24/mo.

Sticking with Personal and paying the extra $12 would only net you 320 pages. As a result, Business effectively includes 80 free pages worth $8 per month.

Using FaxDroid

Ease of use is one of FaxDroid’s greatest strengths, particularly as a free online fax service. For heavier usage with receiving and sending pages, it’s still similarly intuitive.

How to Send Faxes with FaxDroid

Using FaxDroid is extremely simple. While you’ll need to sign up to gain access to all of the features available, you can test the free online fax service straight away. You simply open up the “Send” tab, load the document, write down your email, and input the fax number you’re sending it to. From there, sending a free fax digitally is just a click of a button and a short wait away. Even when you upgrade to one of the three paid plans, the process remains fundamentally the same.

How to Receive Faxes with FaxDroid

To receive faxes with FaxDroid, sign up for one of the paid plans. Then, you’ll receive a dedicated fax number that you can use to receive faxes. Give this number to anyone who wants to send you a fax, and the process remains normal for them. Once they send the fax, you’ll see an email notification with the document as an attachment. While it ends up in your email, it travels along the phone lines. As a result, the process is just as inscrutable secure as traditional faxing.

Is FaxDroid a Good Online Fax?

FaxDroid is a strong choice for anyone looking for a free online fax service. The basic, free service is limited, but it will save time and money compared to a trip to the fax office. Those who upgrade to a paid plan will see that this is doubly true for them, as the costs are minor compared to large-scale traditional faxing. Overall, you should give FaxDroid a try for yourself and see how you like it.

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