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2020/2021 ERP Trends and Forecasts

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In this generation, most of us, especially the business owners, will prefer using flexible system solutions in any situation. Inflexible system solutions don’t have space in ERP software the Enterprise Resource Planning. In this case, being updated with the newest ERP trends is important for all service providers as well as consumers around the world.

According to ERP statistics, more and more companies adopt and integrate the ERP system into their company. There is a notable increase in the market for these tools, and the innovation is happening slowly but surely.

For the past years, ERP innovation was intended to move almost all the solutions in a single cloud. But currently, a lot of new trends start to pop up in the market. In this post, we are going to present to you some of the 2020/2021 ERP trends and forecasts.

Several large-sized companies have adapted the use of ERP software for quite some time. But, as time goes by, it went through a lot of changes. This platform has provided most enterprises with a lot of benefits. On the other hand, the generation changed it, and the trends popping today are more inclined to modernization.

The previous models of ERP systems are now called legacy systems. Enterprises have noticed some disadvantages of using these legacy systems, including security limitations, siloed information, business and spreadsheet dependence. As a result, most modernized businesses today find it unappealing. Unfortunately, there are lots of benefits to ERP systems that most business owners didn’t see.

Below are some of the good reasons business owners should implement the ERP systems in their enterprise;

Mobile Application

For the past years, many considered mobility as an “additional” feature. But it becomes a fixture these days. In this modern world, you can’t find a single solution in one machine. One of the “basic” benefits you can get when you use a modernized ERP tool in running your enterprise is complete mobile support.

ERP system’s mobile approach does not only provide the users with easy access to data but also provides a bag of advantages. One of these advantages is that it allows individuals to work whenever and wherever they are. This means that you can access all the business-related activities on your available mobile devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

It also has a great implication on the overall business productivity. For example, workers can close deals in the comfort of their homes. This is because their mobile phones have free access to the entire tools and data necessary to make and close a deal.

Aside from that, when we say mobility, it refers to receiving a more convenient and accurate data capture process. This enables the employees to extract needed information directly from the field. This benefit eliminates the need to go to the office and manually type the data.

Access to Data Real-Time

Companies will enjoy a lot of benefits when employees can access real-time data. These benefits include improved customer service, enhanced business operations, more accurate insights, and many more. There is no doubt that ERP software has supported real-time data access.

When you access accurate and timely information, there is a higher chance of creating better business decisions. This means that ERP systems are focusing on offering most establishments and enterprises around the world to have an easier means to gather real-time factual information.

Aside from offering accurate metrics, a smooth business operation would also be possible when an enterprise has easy access to real-time data. ERP software is the compilation of the different tools that are applicable to several departments. This means that the ERP system is the best solution to communicate and gather relevant information throughout the entire departments seamlessly.

Focused on Digital Marketing

When we say ERP systems, almost none of you will relate it to digital marketing. But take note that the ERP system works relatedly to digital marketing. If your enterprise gained popularity through digital marketing, it would be more beneficial if you will integrate it into the ERP system.

Keep in mind that digital marketing does not always mean creating attractive and engaging campaigns. When measuring its success in the market, one should use a tool. Analytics is a great help to help you determine whether your campaign is successful or not. Also, with the right data, you can find the right scope of the market. This is where the ERP system is helpful and beneficial.

If your marketing campaign does not receive information provided by the ERP system, there is a possibility that the calculated metric is irrelevant. It would also be great if digital marketers will use an ERP system with CRM and other available resources to calculate accurate metrics. In this case, most business owners start to connect their digital marketing to possible ERP solutions.

Another related trend to the integration of the ERP system to digital marketing is the utilization of various social media channels. It cannot be denied that more than half of the overall population are using different social media platforms. This gives most business owners an opportunity to widen their market.

In connection to this, it is expected that a lot of ERP solutions will be integrated into the marketing capability of different social media channels available. Through ERP systems and social media, a business owner can gather links, publish posts, get social media analytics, and more seamlessly.


Because of the increasing demand for various technological innovations, such as modular systems and cloud computing, small to large businesses start to adapt the ERP systems. When the number of customers who have access to the ERP industry is high, there is a possibility that innovators and developers would focus on it more. Therefore, the latest trends regarding the ERP system has a chance to grow, change, and shift.

After knowing the reasons for implementing ERP systems, what is your decision? Would you prefer investing in an ERP system or not? Take note that when you invest in this kind of technology, a lot of luck and benefits will come to your business.

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