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Software Engineering Talent Shortage-It’s Quality, Not Just Quantity

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Who is a software engineer?

A software engineer is a person who has knowledge, skills and can solve cases, especially IT related. He is therefore paid because he can solve these problems by developing apps through his knowledge of computer science. He has deep knowledge of programming language that can translate them into ways that machine devices can able to understand.

He doesn’t only implement his ideas but also has original ideas on how best he can do it. As it should come down from his heart as it can be a talent. These ideas should not only help you to earn some cash, but they should have an impact on the ways we are living in and solve some of the problems that business suffers. This article will look at why we have software developer shortage.

There has been a shortage of software engineers not as individuals who call themselves engineers, but the shortage is on the quality. It’s one who hasn’t studied computer science, software engineering and has an experience of deep understanding of software engineering.

The recruitment of emerging talent has to be monitored and evaluated by the also cultivating and mentoring some programmers that are both external and internal employees.

It is always good to give some incentives to the new talents by going formal training of an employer who is facing a shortage of qualified applicants. When looking for this software engineer’s talent, the following have proved to bring about these shortages.

  • Lack of experience
  • Lack of technical/ hard job skills
  • Salary is too high
  • Lack of workplace/ soft skills competencies
  • Lack of formal engineering training

Lack of Experience

Many software engineers are new in the market, and many employees are looking for experienced candidates. Thus may technically bring about short since only those with experience will have the job opportunity in this field. No one is ready to take a fresh graduate as they may think he doesn’t meet the requirements and also may not give high tech software due to lack of experience.

They don’t have anything or prove to show that they are capable of, as well not a history about them is found or can be referred. Software engineers without any reputation or portfolio to prove their determination is a risk. This may only rely on lack, hence this shortage fall in.

Lack of Technical Skills

Some software engineer candidates may have the right skill that is necessary and thus may not have the technical know-how to determine the quality of the software engineers this can affect his or her ability to achieve their goals and objectives. The software engineer may be talented in one skill or field by not in others.

Lack of Soft Skills

Soft skills blend well with technical skills, as the candidate may have the right technical knowledge. The candidate must have some soft skills, which may include interpersonal skills, communication skills, and work as a team, work ethics problems, and conflict resolutions. This may be a big asset that a talent software engineer may possess, but this isn’t always the case as it would have them in the workplace.

Lack of Formal Education

This is the most important that a talented software engineer has to have and gone through, some may not have gone through it, and hence no potential employers go for them. The course work is very expensive, and many may not afford to go through it; thus hence, this shortage comes in. 

High Salary Demands

Due to this shortage, the few that are left and that the demand is very high for the organization s to employee them they demand quit high salaries so as the can offer their salaries. The organization is ready to pay the high salaries so as they may not lose them to greener pastures. 

Characteristics of a talented software engineer include

  • Software engineers are geniuses and always come up with ideas they want to use and solve the existing problems.
  • They are very few.
  • He is passionate about developing great software, and he is deeply immersed in technology.
  • He is devoted to giving all it takes in developing software that is innovative, strong, and high quality.
  • He is not limited by technology and goes beyond doing research in order to give the best software beyond our thinking.

We have a shortage of such talented engineers of this kind, and also it’s not easy to find such a person as there isn’t a clear definition of such in the whole world. Thus we can’t really define him because they are scarce.

Therefore every organization has its definition of a talented software engineer. They use different approaches to hire, recruit, and also to retain them. It varies from one organization to the other.

Their capabilities also differ depending on the different organizations that they are working for, and also the technologies they are working for and last on the environment there are in as well as how their skill and knowledge are natured.

Some people believe that the scarcity of talent software engineers could be just, but a perception looking for such requirements can also be difficult in the software sector; thus, hiring and equipment can bring this shortage. Therefore this isn’t a perception but is real.

The talent of Software Developers

For the business to remain competitive in this kind of era, they have to use talented software engineers in order to propel in the market by offering efficient, high tech systems as well as offering solutions to the organization IT problems.

As so many researchers have predicted that the demand is so high. The projected growth in developing different app and software’s as well it can generate billions of dollars in revenue. Due to such growth, so many organizations have also had a challenge in getting a good software engineer, or developer demand is still high.

In addition, most software engineers and developer may not match the demand of the clients thus will look at some of the problems that bring about these shortages of talented software engineers.


Statistics show that more than 1.5 million positions as there are  ony400000  graduates thus there is a shortage of about 1M software engineers. For these reasons, the various organizations are come up with training programs for employees and teach them some basics of software engineering to alleviates some shortages.

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