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How Email Appending Services Can Improve Your Business Campaigns?

Email Appending Services Can Improve Your Business CampaignsImage Credit:

Email appending is one of the best and most effective ways to add emails to your customer lists. Do you know that? An average of over 30% of subscribers changes their email addresses every year. Emails go wrong and customers change their email regularly. You may have a huge list of customers, you know their name, and where they live. But you don’t have an email address in the database. That’s why Email Appending Services take place.

What is Email Appending Services? And How Email Appending can accelerate your Email Marketing?

Email appending means adding emails to the existing database. Email Appending is the marketing practice that includes retrieving customer data such as (name, postal address) and comparing it against a vendor’s database so that the missing information can be collected. In simple words, Email appending means updating the email address of your existing customers which are missing from your database.

One of the significant features of Email Appending is to acquire approval from the customer to opt for further communication through the same email with targeted products and services.

Email appending allows you to quickly market your email marketing programs by increasing your reach by reducing your costs and also helps in improving the net contribution. One of the main factors in a successful marketing campaign is the use of quality data, as low-quality data can not deliver satisfactory results to your company.

Email Appending

The above-mentioned picture represents the life cycle of Email Appending.

Why Email Appending?

If you discover that your email marketing campaign doesn’t get the desired result, then don’t try to boost it in a hurry. That’s why email appending is a recommended marketing strategy where your existing customer database includes information such as name, phone number, mailing address, etc. which is updated with the email addresses. Email Appending service helps customers to contact the prospects with authentic email addresses in the database.

By using an Email appending service, you can add these missing email addresses to your customer’s database. Your customer records probably consist of names and postal addresses that match a third-party database to generate an exact email address.

Email appending services provide a massive boost to the sales figure and also generate higher traffic to the website. For business purposes, all organizations are required to create and maintain a database of their prospective customers and loyal customers.

Email Marketing is a traditional method of marketing that still holds the record for generating maximum ROI. When we talk about Email Marketing, many people consider that it is dead. In Reality, it is still the best tactics in generating B2B leads, and for higher Conversions.

If you’re thinking about expanding your market and expecting outstanding communication benefits, then you need genuine and accurate customer email addresses.

How to fill the gaps from your database? Here is where email appending services takes the place.

Now let us understand, how does Email Appending Works?

The process begins by obtaining the customers’ database such as name, email, phone numbers, etc…

After receiving the customer database, the master file is verified again and the required details are updated.

You can send the welcome message to the newly appended email addresses after data validation.

In the last step, you need to take the recently added database and send it to the client in the downloadable format.

This is how Email appending works. Next, I am going to explain the benefits of Email Appending Services.

There are many benefits of Email Appending; out of this, you can boost revenue and enhance customer retention with an accurate marketing database. On Average, customers have increased the size of their email lists by 20% and the results can be as high as 40%. Some customers increased their number of email addresses from 69% to 98%.

There are many benefits of Email Appending. In this post, I had explained a few benefits which are listed below:

  • Accelerate email marketing campaigns
  • Reduce direct mailing costs.
  • Increase your range of potential customers by reaching the right target market through timely email communications.
  • Generate more business from existing customers by building valuable multi-channel relationships.
  • Improve delivery rate

Best Practices:

The email appending process will assist you to get fresh contact information about your target audience. Some of the information includes name, email ID, mailing address, phone, state, zip, Reverse append and much more. This information will help you in communicating with your target audience more efficiently. Moreover, the updated database will help you to know who has moved out of the list and who has come in.

Therefore, Email appending is one of the best marketing services that give marketers greater insights and access to their customers. And also, it is one of the few niche services which allow B2B customer communication with the greatest facility.

Final Thoughts

Adding an email or relevant data and adding missing emails to your actual customer records is a fast and effective solution to data issues. Email appending is a successful source of generating leads and marketing revenue. Therefore, don’t limit the success of your campaigns by the size of your email database. If you haven’t considered email appending yet, I recommend that you go for it before it’s too late.

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