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10 Types of Projects in Which You Can Use Django

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You’ve heard and read a bit about Django Python-based framework, and maybe you’re wondering if it’s good for your company’s next project. There are a lot of advantages of using Django. Let us tell you what it can be used for, so you can decide if it is the proper framework for your business.

Django – Python-Based Framework

Django is a Python-based framework often used for web application development. This is only one of its various uses. It makes it possible to create simply coded but powerful solutions for any kind of business. Furthermore, it has a huge community and is well documented, which is great because its users can find support when dealing with possible challenges. Django’s scalability makes it a good framework for developing solutions for companies that are about to grow in the near future. There are many companies using Django for different purposes (like Instagram, Spotify, Disqus, YouTube or Dropbox). Would it be good for your business?

10 Types of Project in Which You Could Use Django

Today, businesses require various solutions. Developers can build powerful applications and systems or just create specific features needed for big, complex projects. Learn what kind of projects can be executed with Django.

  1. Emailing Systems – this framework can be used for automating the process of sending emails to your partners and current or potential customers. Django allows you to quickly create and manage an email notification system, creating tools for modifying and sending email to chosen groups of recipients automatically.
  2. Filtering Systems – with Django you can develop custom filtering systems using advanced logic.
  3. Data Analysis Tools– you can develop platforms with analytics features (often used on financial platforms) or independent analytic tools for your business. Django is a Python-based framework and Python is the favorite programming language of many data scientists. This framework would be great for such a project.
  4. Login and Verification Systems – many systems use photo-based verification systems. You can build one with Django easily. It is also a good framework for creating secure login systems, which are currently a necessary element of many mobile and web applications.
  5. Chat Applications – nowadays more and more companies decide to support sales and improve customer service by creating a chat application, adding a communicator or chatbot in an app or on the website. Using Django you can get your own, customized, well-designed chat (as an element of your platform) or chat application. Such an application can be also used to improve internal communication within your company.
  6. eCommerce Platform – if you need a big platform that can handle heavy traffic and ensure maximum safety for customers’ sensitive data, you should develop it with Django. Python is a great language for platforms and systems that have to deal with large amounts of information. It is a general-purpose language, so it enables developers to create and add many crucial and necessary functionalities to your e-commerce platform.
  7. Web Applications – developing in Django ensures good performance, flexibility and scalability to an application. This framework gives programmers a lot of possibilities. They can easily add new features any time. Applications created with Django can easily handle large volumes of text content, media files and heavy traffic. Python is a language with simple and clear syntax, which allows developers to build nice applications with short and concise code.
  8. Video Calling Applications – and what if you’d like to talk with someone face to face? If you need a mobile or web app capable of processing sound and image, you can also build it with Django. Video streaming apps are nowadays in demand, as well as chat applications.
  9. Content Management Systems – to make work with content accessible to non-IT staff you can decide to develop your own, customized CMS. Each company has their own needs and expectations for these kinds of systems. Think carefully about your editor’s or website administrator’s day-to-day tasks. What features would make your employees’ lives easier? There are many popular CMSs available, but having a personalized one can improve your editor’s efficiency.
  10. Educational Platforms – long before school went remote because of COVID-19, in many countries companies were using platforms for online education to run trainings for employees and offer many types of online workshops. It is possible to learn a language, how to program or attend conferences. With Django you can build an online system where teachers will be able to not only publish lesson content but also create assignments and view students’ homework.

Those are only a few examples of the projects that can be executed with Django. As Python is a general-purpose language, the possibilities for developers are almost unlimited.

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