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6 Ways Software Developers Can Improve Your Business

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Today’s world is practically pushing all businesses to seek for software development – even if yours isn’t in the tech sector! It doesn’t matter if you work in finance, medicine, education, publishing, or any other industry. It’s becoming increasingly imperative to hire software developers who have the expertise to make your business a success, no matter what’s your niche.

Still not sold on the need for hiring software engineers? Here are six ways they can improve your organization.

1. They develop apps

In 2019, the average time smartphone users in the United States spend on their mobile devices is three hours and 10 minutes per day, with 90% of that time dedicated to using apps. That translates to roughly 12% of their days spent using apps.

Having an app can give your business an edge in a competitive market. While you’ll need to come up with the concept and theme of your product, when you hire software developers you’ll get the team that will turn your vision into a reality.

2. They build websites

It’s impossible to think of modern business without a website, whether you’re a private-practice physician or a 1,000-person company. People need to be able to find your presence and learn about your services — and even use them — online. And to build a website, you need to hire software developers.

When you recruit software developers, consider the different parts of your site you should account for. Some developers work on the back-end — the part you can’t see that powers the part you can. Others work on the front-end — the part that’s visible to the users. Still, others are full-stack, meaning they work on both the front- and back-end of the website. You should also consider other aspects of your site, such as the user experience. A UX designer can make your site more interactive and user-friendly by using an intuitive layout, a user-tested design, and by focusing on improved performance.

3. They create customized software

Ultimately, you’re looking to satisfy the demands of your consumers and stay ahead of your competition. For these reasons, your organization may want to create an entirely new platform or program — a project management system, an educational testing tool, or a medical device, for instance. Doing so requires expertise, mainly in software development.

When you hire development teams or individual software engineers for this type of project, make sure they have considerable experience, especially in your specific industry. For instance, if you’re looking to create a virtual dissection, you should look for someone with experience developing software in the medical arena.

4. They provide technical advice and support

Is your idea technically feasible? Some things look good on paper, but they aren’t actually viable in the real world. Hire developers and they will offer guidance on whether your concepts are achievable and, in case they need revisions or changes, suggest other solutions.

If your development team does have something else in mind or informs you about the issues with your idea, listen to and work with them — they have the skills and experience to back up their advice.

5. They participate in the quality assurance process

Quality is of the utmost import when you’re putting new products out on the market. No matter what industry you work in, errors and bugs could have negative implications for your consumers and your business. Faulty products can also turn away current and prospective consumers from using your services for good. That’s why it’s essential to hire a dedicated quality assurance (QA) team to rigorously test your product.

While QA testing involves a separate skillset from software development, that doesn’t mean software developers aren’t involved in the process. When you hire software engineers, you’re not only hiring them to build your product but also to run their own preliminary tests during the development phase. This will catch bugs early on. Moreover, they will ultimately work with your QA testing team to resolve errors and ensure that the product is as bug-free as possible.

6. They help you scale your business

As your business grows, you’ll need new tools and platforms to keep everything and everyone organized, as well as find new systems for internal management. It’s helpful to hire development teams to build these platforms for you and address the technical needs that come with scaling up. For example, developers might create a cloud-based data-management system to store your company’s information.


It’s clear that software development isn’t limited to the tech realm anymore. Nearly every business in every industry has some software needs, whether they involve managing workflow or building a new app. And when you hire software developers, they can help you achieve your goals and stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive market.

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