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4 Ways To Hire React Developers For Your Business

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If you are starting a tech business in Europe or the United States, you know how hard it is to hire React Developers. Companies all around the world hire React.Js Developers at exorbitant rates, making it hard for smaller businesses and start-ups to find top talent. React.Js is being used by nearly all Fortune 500 companies around the globe.


The Benefits When You Hire React Developers

When you hire dedicated React Native developers, you can:

  • Use the scalability of React.js to create large scale, powerful apps
  • Work effectively and quickly with just a few skilled developers.
  • Use Full-stack developers instead of multiple different skilled developers that are hard to find
  • Go mobile with ease, using the same codebase

How to Hire a React Developer

If you want to hire React programmer, you can use several popular options, including hiring freelancers, hiring your own team by yourself, hiring your own team using a recruitment agency, or hiring an offshore development agency.

Which method you use to hire React.Js developers depends on your business needs and your budget. Let’s look at the different methods.

  1. Freelancing

You can use freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork or even the small ads to find excellent freelance React. Js developers. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to freelancers.

On the one hand, freelancers are often very skilled senior developers that left the corporate world in order to enjoy greater flexibility. Because they work with multiple clients, they have experience across multiple industries and projects. They are also, by nature, very disciplined.

The downside is that they can be quite pricey because they work for themselves and don’t enjoy the benefit of insurance and annual bonuses. They may also not be entirely suited to working in teams, which is why they choose the more solitary option of freelancing. If you want to build a huge team, you will also have to find a way of making several freelancers using different equipment and communication channels in different time zones work together as a unit which is challenging.

  1. Hiring Your Own Team By Yourself

If you are confident about your interviewing skills and have enough time on your hands, you can put out job ads on LinkedIn or other platforms. Candidates will send you their resumés which you will have to read through to choose your interviewees. Then you will have to set up interviews, ask questions, make notes, choose your favorites, and then check their credentials. This will include background checks with employers, educational institutes, and other references.

The benefit of this process is that you are in full control of your team and the hiring process. You will be able to hand-pick the team you want. On the downside, it is very time-intensive and if you aren’t very familiar with React.Js you might struggle to thoroughly vet each candidate. An in-house team is also very expensive, because you will need to provide bonuses, equipment and office space for each team member.

If your project concludes, you may have to go through lay-offs for the developers you don’t need. This can be pricey too and impact your culture. Even if you offer workers a set contract, you may find employees quitting before the end of the contract to secure their next job, which could make it difficult to complete your projects.

  1. Hiring Your Own Team Through a Recruitment Agency

When you use a specialist tech recruitment agency, they will do all of the heavy lifting for you – finding, interviewing, vetting and placing candidates for you. While this is a fast and effective way of building your team, it is the most expensive avenue to follow. Agencies will charge a percentage of each developer’s annual salary as their commission – which could cost tens of thousands of dollars.

  1. Hiring An Offshore Team Through an Agency

An offshoring agency will find, vet and place an entire team with you. The team will be highly skilled according to your business needs and come with their own equipment. Oftentimes, they will have worked together on similar projects in the past and function well as a unit. This is much cheaper than hiring your own team, and when the project concludes, they leave to do other work. Best of all, their developers cost up to 75% less than hiring a team on local soil. In countries like Ukraine, a senior developer would only cost about $30-50 per hour, whereas the same developer level would cost $100-$120 in the United States. They will bring their own equipment, and if they should leave your project for whatever reason, the agency will replace them quickly and without delay.



If you want to hire React developers, you have to consider which option suits your business and your budget the best.

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