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10 Best Concept Map Makers You Can Use

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Making concept maps with a concept map maker is far more efficient than producing them on paper. Concept maps are diagrams, sketches, or outlines that are used in managing projects, project management, reviews, and other applications. It enables you to effectively arrange and communicate knowledge of a subject or issue. It also aims to demonstrate how your core idea or concept may be divided into distinct topics or components. Having said that, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten idea map makers that you can use online or download to your device.


The Best Concept Map Maker


GitMind is a powerful free concept map maker that can be used online. It is one of the most popular free diagramming organizers on the internet. This is a mindmap and flowchart builder online that is ideal for creativity and process mapping. The technology facilitates online collaboration, which is useful for teams and organizations since it allows people to work on the main processing map concurrently and remotely. Overall, this program deserves high points because it is a free yet sophisticated process mapping tool.


Next, we have Miro, It is a concept map creator that combines elements of numerous distinct software categories into one. It’s half diagramming and flowchart software, part presentation program, and you could even include concept map and video conferencing. You may use it to draw a concept or make a presentation, either alone or involved in this process of editing at the same time. Miro includes video and voice calling, as well as desktop sharing so that when showcasing your product, you can describe how you’re doing or make a presentation.


Another concept map maker that offers a cloud-based system is MindMeister. It can assist organizations in managing their creative processes through brainstorming, collaboration, visualizations, and other methods. Idea ranking, status monitoring, an activity dashboard, and discussion are all important elements. This tool includes a tool that allows businesses to visualize thought maps through presentation or export them using different parts. Furthermore, the technology enables workers and other customers to run online brainstorming and make them available to distant team members for discussion.


Lucidchart is a mind map creator with amazing capabilities like GitMind. It allows you to communicate with your company and create diagrams and other graphical charts. It is simple to use and adapts to your workflow. It also includes materials to help users understand the concepts of charting and data visualization. Furthermore, it gives users a number of tools for creating a graphic representation of a concept or process and discussing it with their coworkers.


Next on the list is MindManager, it is a concept map maker to help you and your organization manage tasks and organize thoughts. It features the most mind-mapping customization of any program and will undoubtedly be a valuable addition to your company or organization. It is also available as software for both Windows and Mac. You may use it to make charts and graphs, process diagrams, and even control your employees. You’ll immediately see why we think this is one of the most powerful and user-friendly mind-mapping applications available today.


XMind is a free concept map maker that is suitable for the majority of today’s operating systems. In addition to these exciting innovative capabilities, XMind excels at the fundamentals. This makes it a good alternative for first-time mind mapping software users and those who do not want to be distracted by complex, overbearing user interfaces with hundreds of choices. It also succeeds in offering its customers a simpler, more intuitive user interface while still providing additional possibilities for creating mind maps that are distinctively your own.


Another concept map maker you utilize is MindGenius. it can assist users in data collecting and analysis. It is appropriate for small and medium-sized organizations, and also students, professors, and lecturers. It enables users to create analyses, organize and create studies, organize information, and manage the project plans. It also allows users to construct visual timeline maps, describe project requirements, and assign resources. Users may create status reports and then communicate project updates with the help of MindGenius’ built-in visuals.


Coggle is a website that allows you to create and share concept maps and flow charts. It is free, This concept map creator allows individuals or groups to take some notes, brainstorm, plan, or document an idea, study, report, or another creative endeavor.  It may be shared with a large number of people by inviting them and enabling them to make changes. Real-time updates are made, and every modification is preserved. It is a straightforward method of communicating and comprehending complicated information. It is a collaboration text and a shared workstation designed to let groups and teams collaborate more successfully.


Wisemapping is a free concept map maker that allows you to easily create, share, and publish mind maps. It aids in the formation of high-quality diagrams for individuals and businesses. Mind maps can be easily integrated into websites and blogs. You may also use this tool to modify a hierarchical group of thoughts based on a primary theme. As concepts are inserted throughout the mind map, the non-linear technique aids in generating new outlines and initiatives.


Cacoo is the final name on the list. This concept map creator allows users to create professional-looking design documents, flowcharts, and diagrams. It includes cutting-edge features such as social network sharing, in-app comments, inter editing, revisions history monitoring, and much more. For increased flexibility, it interacts smoothly with Google Docs, Google Docs, etc. It also allows you to examine older versions of your mind map diagrams for monitoring changes, as well as post and react to comments that display on the canvas.



All of the above-mentioned concept map makers may assist users in swiftly creating concept maps with the appropriate design for various objectives such as studies and graphically organizing thoughts, among others. The best aspect is that you don’t have to be a pro or have any prior knowledge to use these programs.

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