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Instagram and the Business Benefits It Is Responsible for Providing

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Currently, consumers are responsible for judging the credibility of business on the basis of the presence or absence from social media platforms. However, it is also important to consider the social media platforms that are worth all the time as well as effort in order to become successful. Instagram is a powerful as well as a popular platform where most of the businesses are enjoying a number of benefits. It is the fastest growing platform and is going to take over the other social media platforms soon enough. If you are still not on Instagram and you are looking for reasons as to why you should sign up for this platform, it is important that you consider the benefits that it has provided to the other businesses.

Given below is a list of the benefits that the businesses have been reaping from Instagram.

Instagram is responsible for an engaged audience base

When popularity is being considered, it is obvious that Facebook is still on the top. However, social media is responsible for evolving with each passing day and the statistics have already proven that the users of Instagram are a lot more engaged as well as impressionable in comparison to Facebook. If you are interested in knowing what this means, you need to know that Instagram is responsible for almost 58 times more engagement in comparison to Facebook. Studies have also proved that Facebook users prefer staying away from advertisements in comparison to Instagrammers. Apart from that, 32% of Facebook users are responsible for engaging with the brands regularly while 68% of Instagrammers engage with brands, as stated by These rates of engagement are proving that Instagram is the absolute and best place for the businesses, who are interested in increasing their potential and present consumers.

Instagram is responsible for welcoming creativity

If you compare the Instagram news feeds with the art galleries, you are going to come across numerous similarities. It is not a secret that this beautiful visual platform is constantly filled with numerous colorful, fun, visually appealing, and high-quality videos and photos. Businesses have the option of jumping on this creative bandwagon and use Instagram for promoting the services and products that they are offering. In fact, businesses also have the opportunity of showing the behind-the-scenes glimpses of how their company works, and also provide the followers with an idea about the culture of the company. You can visit the reputed website of storm likes for gaining likes from real people on your Instagram posts.

Instagram is responsible for offering stories

Instagram Story is considered to be one of the unique features of this platform, which has allowed the users to keep posting videos and photos that are customizable and are responsible for vanishing after 24 hours. These Instagram stories are displayed on the news feed of other users. Stories are also responsible for offering creative elements, like drawing as well as writing tools, options of augmented reality filters, the option of including locations, mentions of the other Instagrammers, as well as hashtags. You can be assured that the contents that you are posting in this place are going to be definitely noticed.

Instagram is responsible for offering advertisements

The business accounts that are on Instagram can pay money for promoting their content. This practice is considered to be extremely beneficial, especially when considering the statistics, which are capable of demonstrating the response of the audience to the different kinds of advertisements. Another advantage, which is associated with advertising on this platform, is that each and every advertisement can be targeted on the basis of the location, gender, interests, and age of a particular person. Businesses also have the option of including links within the promotional posts, which assists the users to gain more knowledge about them.

Instagram can sync with Facebook

In the year 2012, Mark Zuckerberg had purchased Instagram for 1 billion dollars. This purchase was responsible for numerous benefits for those businesses, who were interested in juggling both the platforms. Most people already know that the concept of Facebook and Instagram are extremely similar. Both Instagram and Facebook are under single ownership, and hence, businesses have the freedom of running a similar advertisement on both the places at the same time, by adding seamless as well as easily attainable integration. This also means that when the business advertisements are running on these platforms, the reach is going to double automatically.

Instagram is responsible for providing useful Analytics

It is extremely easy to measure success on the visual platform, Instagram. It is obvious that the businesses have the option of monitoring the follower count along with the engagement activities, which include the clicks and views. If you are looking forward to taking one more step, you need to know that the analytics reports are going to help you to interpret all the results of the advertising campaigns on this platform. Useful analytics help businesses to identify the kind of posts that are going to work in the best manner.

Instagram is not going to go anywhere

There is no denying the fact that Instagram is the second largest platform after Facebook. And with more than 60% of the Instagrammers from outside the United States, it can be said that the reach of this platform is growing. Apart from the fact that Instagram is extremely popular and growing rapidly, you should definitely use Instagram as one of the important parts of the strategy that you have already formulated.

Instagram helps us to connect with the targeted audience

You can be assured that your potential customers are using Instagram. With more than 1 billion users, your customers are definitely there. You can be assured that you will end up gaining more customers from this platform as opposed to any other social media platform. Also, it will be easy for you to contact them and provide them with the kinds of services or products that they are looking for.


Instagram is experiencing huge growth. You should use Instagram for growing your brand and competing with the bigger brands. Ensure that you have proper knowledge about the benefits that Instagram is capable of providing to the businesses before you are signing up.

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