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SocialMeep Review: Organic Instagram Growth

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If you own a large business or a start-up, there is an almost 100% chance that you own an Instagram business account to promote your products and services. But you are probably not reaching a big enough audience or not engaging the right people. Here’s the solution: SocialMeep.

So, what is SocialMeep? According to the official description, SocialMeep is an AI Bot that grows your Instagram followers and engagements, automatically.

What Is An Instagram Bot?

Instagram Bots perform automated actions on your account and help acquire followers faster than usual. Instagram bots follow other accounts, like their posts, comments on a targeted list of accounts, and overall boost your visibility, reachability, and engagements on your Instagram account.

But Instagram bots are not always perfect, most of the time they fail to engage with the right audience, and if worst, your profile gets banned if the bot keeps following people redundantly.

Socialmeep: The Best AI Growth Tool

SocialMeep has exploded in popularity among brands, businesses, and agencies over the past few months – for good reason. SocialMeep is the best designed tool, and has generated consistent results for its customers.

Today, hundreds of millions of people engage themselves on Instagram every day and SocialMeep’s smart “AI-powered automation” tool gives you the opportunity to build an audience with these users.. SocialMeep does not randomly follow people, likes pictures, views stories, or comments on targeted people’s posts for you, rather it limits the activity to avoid suspicion by Instagram itself.

Not Just Another Instagram Automation Tool!

What do typical automation tools do? They schedule posts, analyze engagements, generate hashtags, etc. These tools can save you some time but do not effectively increase engagement. SocialMeep increases real-time engagements reached rather than those typical automated tasks.

Unlike other automation and bot services, it does not just follow, unfollow, like comment, and post for you. What SocialMeep does is create micro-interactions, namely viewing stories, liking comments and posts, IGTV views, and all other organic interactions real humans do. This leads to generating organic followers, slow but effective, and thus avoids suspicion.

Overview of SocialMeep

SocialMeep welcomes you with a beautiful landing page where you can get started to set up your account for growth. The developers refined the website and created a great initial impression. It lets you see a “live demo” video of an Instagram account and also track different metrics in real-time. If you are curious enough, you can search that account on your Instagram and yes, it’s real!

Through the live demo, you can also get familiar with the nicely designed dashboard even before purchasing a plan! We will talk about the dashboard later on in this review.

Right at the homepage, SocialMeep lets you predict the effect of this tool with its “Growth Projection” tool which is very cool and helpful when planning out other marketing efforts.

Happy Clients Results

As you might assume the reason behind the hype SocialMeep is getting, is the staggering growth of thousands of users. Scrolling through their great looking website, you can read about their successes and grasp some idea about their capabilities.

The website shows the astonishing results achieved by many clients using SocialMeep right upfront, and you can’t help but be motivated by those results. Some of them have even received a growth of almost a quarter of a million followers which is really incredible for a passive service.

Aside from these stories and results, you can move on to the products, pricing, and tools section if you are interested in buying.

Features of SocialMeep

To help you gain organic growth, it provides you four products that serve different purposes!

  • Auto Growth: Once you become a client, the tool does everything for you automatically, without any need for your touch. You can also put your Instagram username and let the system predict the result of the Auto Growth tool.
  • Instagram Analytics: Measures and enhances your Instagram Growth with unrivaled Instagram analytics tools.
  • Cloud: Proprietary insights into your account and additional growth tools.
  • Experts: 24/7 on-demand expert services from real humans which is basically an Instagram Manager for your account.


Unlike most other subscription-based services, SocialMeep does not have any kind of free plan and the subscription is in the medium to high range.

  1. Basic Plan: According to the website, this is ideal for getting started and it costs $49/month. Startup business and enthusiastic people can give it a try to see the growth of their account.
  2. Pro Plan: The main distinguishing feature of Pro Plan over Basic Plan is their “Turbo Speed” which lets an account grow up to 375% faster without a speed cap and 10x the interactions. This plan costs $99/month!

Both of the above plans are equipped with real-time analysis, AI-based audience targeting, and for those who don’t get satisfactory growth, a 14-day refund policy.

Account Setup

Setting a growth account in SocialMeep is really easy and intuitive, and can be perfectly set up for auto-growth in a couple of minutes with only two steps; thanks to the developers.

  1. Get Started: leads you to create/register an account in the SocialMeep server.
  2. Connect Account: for connecting your Instagram account simply by typing the IG username.

After connecting an Instagram account with SocialMeep, a nicely organized dashboard appears and clients can purchase a plan from here and boost Instagram engagement within seconds.


In the crowded world of bots and cheap inconsistent automation services, SocialMeep stands out for its consistency and reliability for growing an account with genuine organic followers. Proven successes and a unique strategy to boost engagements made us conclude that SocialMeep is by far the best Instagram Growth tool of 2020 and beyond.

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