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10 Common Instagram Mistakes that you Need to Avoid

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In your attempt to grow your Instagram account, you are certainly going to try anything. However, not every strategy you will find is correct, often leading to mistakes that will ultimately damage your account. Some mistakes are so grave that even when you buy Instagram views, you might not get the expected results. For this reason, it is important to understand how the Instagram algorithm works and which are the best practices on this particular platform. 

If you know the most common mistakes that many users fall into, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort. Then, you can buy instant Instagram likes and expect guaranteed results. 

In this article, you are going to learn everything you need to know about the most common Instagram mistakes so that you can avoid them and start growing your account. 

#1 Not Posting High-Quality Photos or Videos

Many users think that they will attract attention by posting anything. This way, they neglect the overall quality of their posts, which doesn’t give a great impression to their target audience. Therefore, if you want to make your account stand out, you need to always post content of the highest possible quality. Take photos and videos with a professional camera and then, edit them through specialized software. Your effort is going to pay off, especially if you choose to buy Instagram views.

#2 Not Keeping a Posting Schedule

Another grave mistake that ultimately harms your account is to post content without having a schedule. The social media platforms today are filled with creators that compete for the attention of their active users. However, the creators forget that the users are going to see only the posts that are favored by the platforms’ algorithms. A simple rule that you need to follow is to consistently post multiple times a week according to a schedule. By doing this, the algorithm is going to promote your content increasingly more and more.

#3 Not Updating Your Stories

In recent years, users prefer stories to actual posts. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare your posts like you normally do. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t neglect to update your stories multiple times per day. A great idea is to share all of your new posts to your stories so that they reach those users that never check their feeds. If you also buy instant Instagram likes for these posts, you can rest assured that your posts are going to have the maximum reach possible. 

#4 Ignoring Your Posts’ Analytics

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make on your social media profiles is to never look at the analytics that every platform offers you. Every marketer knows that these metrics are extremely valuable to judge the success of your promotional strategies and to find out what your audience really likes. From your analytics, you can tell which type of content has the most success, and during which hours your posts have the biggest reach.  

#5 Not Using the Highlights Feature

As we have already informed you, Instagram stories is a tool that you must use multiple times per day. However, the stories are only available for 24 hours and then they get archived. If you want to keep some of the stories visible to your followers, you can arrange them into various highlight albums. This is an excellent idea as you can use them as more posts to share with your followers. In any case, don’t neglect to buy instant Instagram likes for your posts to drive traffic to your profile.

#6 You Haven’t Adopted a Consistent Aesthetic

Users on Instagram like to follow profiles that are well-planned and follow a consistent aesthetic. Your account shouldn’t be a place of random pictures and videos. Instead, it should be a platform that expresses your vision and creativity. If you search on social media, you will find a lot of popular aesthetics that you can adopt. Don’t hesitate to try out various of them, until you find the one that best suits your style. Then, buy Instagram views for your posts to introduce your new aesthetic to a wide audience.  

#7 Not Having a Clear Niche

This mistake is connected to the previous one as it is more about having a vision for your Instagram account. If you only post things at random, your friends and family will gather you. However, you won’t get any other followers that are not acquainted with you, and you can never hope of having a career as an influencer. Instead, when you launch your account, you should pick a niche and stick to it. All of your posts should be around this niche, making sure that you reach out to every relevant account on the platform. Moreover, buy instant Instagram likes for your posts and promote them on every other platform you use. 

#8 Leaving Your Account’s Bio Empty

One more common mistake that you will find that many creators make is that they don’t take full advantage of the account’s bio. This small space is very important for convincing users to follow an account. In addition to this, with the right keywords and hashtags, it can show your account in searches. Lastly, in your account’s bio, you can promote your other endeavors by including a link. 

#9 Never Posting your Selfies

No matter the niche that you have adopted, you should never neglect to post a selfie every once in a while. This type of post shows your true face to your followers and can attract new users to your account. Pictures that show people, in general, tend to gather more likes and get more visibility compared to other types of posts. 

#10 Using Hashtags Wrong

The use of hashtags is a mystery to a lot of users on the platform. Even marketers don’t seem to agree as some argue that you should use as many as possible, and others state that you shouldn’t use a lot of them. The only practice that can bring you guaranteed results though, is to buy YouTube views.

Avoid all of these mistakes to grow your Instagram account. If you want quick results, then you simply need to buy instant Instagram likes for your posts and reach a wide audience. 

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