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7 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for E-commerce

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There are many ways you can market your eCommerce store without using social media today but social media simplifies your efforts especially if you are having a small online business. There are several benefits of social media marketing. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t take too much time or resources to get done!

Social media marketing needs a strategy to be followed. So hiring unqualified analysts may prove disastrous for e-commerce companies because their stereotype strategies are unlikely to bring success. To make it even worse, the clients will end up believing its social media’s fault that their sites are not getting enough leads. Actually, it needs to be maintained on a regular basis with content strategies to be followed.

Here are some benefits of social media marketing for eCommerce:

  • Brand Loyalty for Customers

Social media platforms create the best brand loyalty as you are available for the customers, to solve their queries and help in making their buying decisions. The best thing about social media is you can directly connect to your audience or customers. For instance, according to Convince and Convert, 53% of people who follow a brand on social media end up being more loyal to that brand.

  • Trust building

Social media helps to build trust and loyalty for the customers. First and foremost, customers check your online presence and how active you are on social platforms. Even reviews or testimonials shared on social platforms play a vital role in your online business. Customer reviews are so powerful that 61% read online reviews before deciding on a product and 88% of consumer’s rate online reviews as important as personal recommendations. 

  • Creates awareness

Social media is generally used to create your brand awareness, as you are totally available online, so maximum audiences are unaware or are not relatively known about your business. By creating social presence, audience or customers would search for you on search engines which increase your SEO ranking.

  • Boost SEO

These days SEO is not just about your websites or blogs, but even social media plays an important role in SEO. As per your social media activities for your e-commerce store, you are being ranked by Google on whether or not you’re a trustworthy source on the Internet!

  • Engagement via Newsjacking

Newsjacking is simply adjusting your social media activity to a trending topic on social media. For instance, using Hashtags(#) for trending topics on Twitter. This works if you can mix your marketing message with the trending news story on social media. There are several trending stories on Facebook and Twitter which already many people outside your industry are interested, so you can ‘hijack’ as long as you can make it relate to your business. This will help you connect with larger audiences.

  • Drive traffic to your website

While posting on your social sites, just remember to insert the link for your website with the main keywords. It will help you drive traffic to your website. A website is the first impression for your customers, so be careful whatever you post on social media should relate to your website.

Generally, your main motive on social media should be, to send more traffic to your site by using the 80/20 rule of social media, which states that you should share 80% of high-quality content and resources for your customers in your industry while only sharing self-promotional content 20% of the time.

The main benefit to drive traffic to your website is it increases your ranking on google with optimum utilization of keywords essential for SEO.

  • Many benefits with low cost

Social media marketing has a lot many benefits for your business with relatively less cost. We understand you having fewer budgets as it’s your start-up business and you have to locate funds for other marketing activities too. But, it’s always advisable to hire a qualified social media person, which will help you increase your promotional activities which would indirectly increase your sales.

The benefits of social media marketing are real and very promising. All it takes is a small commitment. We understand that you may not achieve your target on an early basis, as it takes efforts to know your audience and understand their behavior. All you need to do is, hire an agency with social media proficient and trust them. In the long term, you will accomplish your goal with maximum output. There are many Digital agencies but I would recommend XtremeUX Digital, as they are experts in Social Media Marketing and also other SEO techniques that accelerate your business growth. They have a dynamic team that develops and implements original digital marketing campaigns that help you stand out from the competition. They have a team to write your content as well, so you just have to share your business vision and mission with their team, and all your work will be done by them. You can handle the growth of your business while XtremeUX Digital would make sure to help you do all your promotional activities to generate sales.

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