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10 Ways To Use Text Messaging For Your Business

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Marketing to your customers can be tough because the average consumer is subjected to a sea of ads every day. The question is: how do you make your ad the buoy the consumer can cling to on the otherwise crowded ocean? Is text messaging for business the answer?

Even the wittiest copy could be ignored because consumers feel overwhelmed by inbox overload. The answer may not be what you think. Many companies are beginning to see the value of business text messaging. This is no surprise, considering 95% of messages get opened within 3 minutes, with most being opened within just 5 seconds of being received. This alone makes text messaging one of the most effective ways of communication with customers, considering emails are only opened 20% of the time

If you’re looking for ways to integrate business text messaging into your marketing efforts, here are 10 unique ideas you should consider:

#1 Coupons And Discount Codes

Customers love coupons and discounts, especially for places they already frequent. They also prefer receiving offers from a business via text message, so they have a higher claim-rate than email coupons. By sending customers time-sensitive offers, you can attract them to your website or store, to claim their codes.

For in-store offers, you can send a QR code after the customer replies to receive the promotion so they can claim their discount more conveniently.

#2 Personalized Promotions

Nothing screams great customer service like personalized messages. Take this up a notch and send your customers promotions based on their browsing habits, purchase history, or saved items.

Birthday offers are also a great way to entice your customers to return while making them feel special!

#3 Exclusive Offers

Reward your customers for their loyalty through business text messaging that provides exclusive offers that can only be received through text. Not only does this encourage repeat customers, but it also gives them a reason not to opt-out of receiving your text messages.

You can also set up triggers to send texts that reward customers when they reach certain milestones such as:

  • Discount code for subscribing or becoming a member for a year
  • Product reward after they’ve spent $100 

#4 Launching New Products

Text messaging for business can also be used to send pre-launch text messages with sneak peeks of new products, you can make your customers feel special and give them a sense of exclusivity for being on the mailing list. This will also keep your brand on their mind and get them excited about your new products. 

Invite them for an opportunity to try the products, receive free samples and make a purchase before the official launch date.

#5 Conducting Polls And Surveys

The best way to improve your company is to analyze your customers’ feedback and make changes accordingly. You can simply set up a poll that customers can text back to directly, or send out links to surveys if you want more thorough feedback to help you address any issues. 

To encourage a better response rate, include incentives for completing the polls and surveys. For example, you can offer discount codes, loyalty reward points, or free products.

#6 Contests And Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are a great way to engage with your customers and show your appreciation for them. This is also a great way to build your mailing list for bulk texting in the future. Let your customers know that they can sign up for your text message to receive the giveaway link.

You can also include CTAs that prompt your customers to share the contest online, or with their friends and family to gain more entries.

#7 Appointment Reminders

A missed or late appointment can be disruptive for service-based companies. However, you can drastically reduce the number of no-shows by simply texting confirmations and reminders before the scheduled time. Since people constantly check their phones, text messaging is great for time-sensitive information.

#8 Order Confirmation And Tracking

Another way to use text messaging for your business is to give your customers peace of mind by sending them an order confirmation with a link to the details once they complete a purchase with you. Your customers can use this text to help them keep track of their orders and use it as an electronic receipt if they need to make a return.

Give your customers easy access to their package tracking information by setting up automatic shipping confirmation messages.

#9 Social Media Integration

Make your text messages work with your marketing ecosystem rather than as a standalone communication channel. Text your customers after they receive their order to prompt them to post a review on their social media channels. You can incentivize them with exclusive promotions to encourage them to take action within a set period.

You can then share their posts on your channels as a testimony to your service or products. The result? It gives potential first-time customers the confidence to do business with you.

#10 Tips And Tricks

Occasionally messing your customer’s tips and tricks for using your products can be a fun way to keep them engaged. This can also help build your reputation as an expert in your industry.

Add more value to these messages by relating the tips and tricks to a recent purchase they made. This lets your customers make the most out of their products. To upsell your customers, include suggested products that would work well with what they’ve already purchased.

If you want your business to succeed – you need to keep your customers in mind first and foremost above all else.

These 10 unique ways to use text messaging for a business that will help you increase return customers and keep them updated on what is new and exciting with your brand. If you’re not sure how to get started, you can refer to business texting templates to get some more ideas.

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