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4 Types of Videos You Should Create for Your Small Business

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That’s right! The world has gone digital and every business conceivable, for every product and service, has now established their literal real estate space on the Internet. In this day and age where customer attention is the new dollar, all businesses, big and small, are trying to put their best foot forward. This means establishing a strong digital presence on social media and other digital spaces and creating valuable assets that will serve them in raking in more attention than ever.

Videos are one of the smartest ways to ensure your business gets the eyeballs it needs.

Don’t believe us? The numbers speak for themselves.

About one billion hours of video are streamed on YouTube every day! In two years, 82% of all consumer traffic on the Internet will comprise solely of videos. But more importantly, 81% of all businesses already use video as a marketing tool. Legend has it that the other 19% are on their way to oblivion.

What about small businesses, you may ask. Do they really need to be a part of this conversation? The answer to that is a resounding YES, especially if the business wants to be seen and heard, given that as many as 72% of customers rely on videos to learn more about a business or service.

Now that you’re (hopefully!) convinced of the need to create videos, let’s talk about viability. Not every video needs to have a massive production budget along with all the expensive frills that come along with it. There are a number of smart marketing videos that you as a small business owner can create, which can be tailored perfectly to your needs and budget requirements.

  1. Tell the World About Yourself AKA the Brand Video

An absolutely essential video asset to possess, the brand video sets the tone of how your business will be known and perceived by the outside world.  By telling the brand’s story in your own way, you have the chance to shape your target customers’ perception about it before they even try your product or service. A great brand video instils more customer confidence.

All you need is to do is tell a compelling story about your brand like Dollar Shave Club did!

  1. Now You Have Their Attention, Talk About What You Offer AKA the Product Video

Once you’ve told people what your business is all about, it’s time to get down to… well… business! Make a product video that tells your customers exactly how they can expect to benefit from the particular product or service you have on offer. One thing to keep in mind is that a great product video should straddle the fine line between entertainment and informative information around your offering.

Nine Lines achieved the perfect mix of being creative and showcasing their product effectively, without even saying a word!

  1. Show Them How AKA the Explainer Video

If by any chance the usage of your product or service is completely self-explanatory, and easily understood by the end-user, you may skip this type of video. Chances are, though, you won’t.

Explainer videos open that window of complete understanding for your audience, who can access and realize the benefits they can derive out of your offering, and can then decide to jump onto your bandwagon!

And the fact that explainer videos make up the 2nd most-watched category of videos on YouTube doesn’t hurt at all!

Here’s Shootsta, a global tech company that specializes in video production in London, Sydney, and a host of other locations, showcasing how they keep their promise of a 24-hour turnaround in editing videos for any business around the world.

  1. Let Them Say It for You AKA the Testimonial Video

Like every good business, yours too will have several satisfied customers who’d swear by your product or service. While their words may satisfy your soul and reinforce the reason you started your business in the first place, they can also serve as a means to get more customers through your doors. Studies have shown that 79% of customers trust online reviews and testimonials as much as they place faith in personal recommendations.

It’s important to note that the key to creating a great customer testimonial video lies in how organic and natural it looks to your prospective customers.

FreshBooks helped Sarah grow her business, and also made a great video about it! Be like FreshBooks!

All in all, you do not need a massive marketing budget to pull off the videos that you need for your business. You can always start with these 4 essential video assets, and go on to create more content, like a product-integration documentary, or a series of videos displaying the wide array of your products, and more.

One thing is for sure – videos are here to stay, and your business needs them to stay in the game!

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