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What Is Small Business Software?

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Small businesses are no less than startups; they are emerging from every sector of work, healthcare, fashion, IT, online services, food & beverages. Getting through the basics of a new business setup and operating it is not as easy as it sounds.

Every business has certain parameters like accounting, communication & HR, client relationship, and project management – these need to be gauged.

There are many online services, programs, and software that account for these parameters and can be called the best software for small businesses. We discuss them here;

Best Software for Small Business

Wave Accounting

Now small businesses can cater to their invoicing and accounting needs without breaking the bank on costly accounting software subscriptions. Wave Accounting is free invoicing software with perks, including recurring billing and information saved for your regular customers – ideal for building customer relationships.

The software comes packed with an easy-to-assimilate accounting guide; you can even provide access to your personal accountant as a collaborator. You can scan receipts and upload them to your wave account using Wave Accounting’s mobile application.


  • Electronically-protected servers and 256-bit SSL encryption ensure superior data protection.
  • Set up notifications and reminders for convenient invoicing activities.
  • Wave Accounting is one of the best small business software because you can send invoices in any currency.
  • Add customized logos and curate personalized invoices via professional templates.


  • The payroll feature is available to users only in the US and Canada.
  • Customer service is only available through email.


Communication and teamwork are vital – especially with small businesses; Slack bridges the communication gap with its unique features. ‘Channels’ is an exclusive Slack feature that you can address to particular individuals or office teams for sharing projects and conversations.

The Workflow Builder feature enables you to automate your team’s routine tasks, preventing delays, and increasing productivity. Slack is a necessary small business software application available at attractive pricing. Slack Connect is an exclusive feature by which you can network with your vendors, customers, and partners through streamlined processes.


  • Share channels with vendors, suppliers, and outside organizations.
  • Connect with your teammates through audio and video calls.
  • Integrate platforms like Google Drive, Adobe, MS Office, Twitter, and several others with Slack.
  • Slack features enterprise-grade data protection and device management for security.


  • Not suitable for large organizations and projects.
  • Potential for improvement in the technical support department.

Movavi Screen Recorder

Small businesses are built and affected via important aspects like conference calls, exchange of visualized data, and customer or supplier feedback. Movavi Screen Recorder is the best software for small business; it enables users to record conference calls, Skype calls, and capture screenshots of crucial data. You can go back to the recorded data for reference and aid.

Movavi Screen Recorder permits instant sharing of data with your colleagues and business associates on platforms like Google Drive and Youtube. Export in multiple formats on Movavi like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, GIF, MP3, PNG, BMP, or JPG.

Movavi Screen Recorder is suitable for a wide range of working professionals – businesspeople recording presentations, bloggers designing How-to-tutorials, teachers recording and tracking online sessions, or casual users wanting to record their favorite live sports stream.


  • You can record audio separately with the software.
  • Convert video to different formats without losing quality with the SuperSpeed tool, integrated into Movavi.
  • Take screenshots and edit them, even if you are recording a video.
  • Recording two streams simultaneously is made easy with Movavi Screen Recorder.
  • With Movavi – recording any part of the screen is possible.
  • Updates are released every three months by the Movavi team to improve the software’s performance.


  • The output video is watermarked in the free version, which can be removed on upgrading to the licensed version.
  • There are limited features with the free version.


One of the crucial factors that drive small businesses is being organized – without which productivity decreases. Trello is one of the best business software applications featuring interactive parameters like boards, cards, and lists, enabling you to prioritize your work.

Trello cards function as a thread; you can add attachments, feedback, and labels for these cards for better functioning. The flexibility with which you can share projects with your peers at work and outside organizations makes it one of the useful business software applications. Tedious tasks and workflow are automated and managed by the in-built assistant, Butler.


  • Feature to integrate the most-utilized apps and programs, as per the team use.
  • Ideal small business software for startups and smaller projects.
  • You can collaborate effectively with your organization’s team members as well as external executives.
  • Excellent UI, an attractive design, and unique highlighting features.


  • The software is not ideal for large workload projects.
  • Trello has the potential to add more software for integration, which is currently limited.


Every business reflects progression with an online presence, especially small businesses. Squarespace is the perfect website building tool and handy small business software – no matter what type of website you require. It is an excellent tool that guides you through creating a blog, e-commerce website, or online services portal.

Multiple types of website templates coupled with attractive color palettes and font designs are offered – a highlight of Squarespace service. The software aids you to build a brand value and drive an audience to your platform via tools for email marketing, analytics management, and product marketing.


  • All the relevant tools and plugins for your website can be added.
  • You can customize your work to a far deeper level with the various features.
  • Unlimited resources like webinars, how-to guides, and forums to minimize your effort.
  • Build-in SEO service and possible to integrate with other software.


  • It can be daunting for amateurs to implement the service – but that’s where the inbuilt guidelines come in handy.
  • Challenging to make quick edits to the website.

Microsoft 365

No business is complete without MS Office programs – Microsoft 365 is the building block and consists of the best software for small business. The premium apps cater to businesses, enterprises, education institutes, and home utility. Notable software clubbed in the subscription plans are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Outlook, and more.

You can utilize the billing, accounting, documentation, office presentation, mass file sharing, and journaling programs. Microsoft 365 also offers the Microsoft Teams program – a business communication program through which you can chat with your workmates, share video conferences and files.


  • Microsoft 365 programs carry the legacy of the esteemed organization.
  • High-level secure operations, projects, file sharing, and email services.
  • The service is well integrated with allied office software and mobile device operating systems.
  • Timely updates ensure that you stay on top of your game and increase your small business’s efficiency.


  • Document appearance or formatting can change when you download from the cloud or upload a document from a Microsoft 365 program to an online source.
  • Amateurs can find it a challenging task to work with its various products.


It has become crucial to manage your small business effectively; not taking care of the basics and unplanned work is a recipe for failure. Small businesses carry limited resources and workforce, impacting their organization’s day to day operations and overall growth.

We are hopeful that this list of small business software applications will find the ideal use for you. Each of them has been reviewed based on factors like affordability, user interface, ease-of-use, exclusive business needs, and a general value, added to work.

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