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Improving Your Client Reporting with Reliable SEO Software

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Excellent customer service is the cornerstone of all great companies, even search engine optimization providers. According to a recent survey on the importance of customer service, 55 percent of the respondents say that they’ll pay more if a company will guarantee great customer service. Furthermore, 86 percent of these respondents also said that they were willing to increase payments if their customer experience would similarly be upgraded.

How can you provide your SEO company’s clients with a better customer experience? You can use search engine optimization software for agencies to expand the services your business provides. Aside from offering website design services, SEO software allows you to offer unparalleled client reporting, which can be your ticket to enhanced customer experience. 

SEO Software and Client Reporting

Search engine optimization software is a program that helps you effectively manage your campaigns. These programs are also unmatched in helping you analyze data from your SEO efforts. These programs can show you data on keyword rankings, create graphs on traffic summaries to client sites, and analyze the effectiveness of your backlinks. Using the information gathered and analyzed by a program, you can upgrade your client reporting capabilities.

Excellent client reporting can be the cornerstone of a new and improved customer experience. Client reports aren’t just routine protocols you offer customers, they’re important opportunities for building stronger relations with them. Here’s how SEO software can change your client reporting abilities and improve customer relations along the way.

Increased Customer Interaction

You can’t build a functional relationship with clients if you don’t interact with them enough. In 2019, a report on marketing agencies revealed that 59 percent of respondents spend only an hour reporting to their clients every week. You can increase your interactions with clients and make sure they’re meaningful with enhanced reporting. SEO software can provide you with a continuous stream of data, presented in easily digestible chunks, that you can use to make client reports more engaging and frequent.

Accurate Data

Of course, no matter how often you report to your clients, it won’t matter if the data you present is misleading or inaccurate. Collating this data, much less analyzing it, can be difficult without a centralized platform. Thanks to SEO software, you can present your clients with completely accurate data gathered in real-time. Great SEO programs can easily show you and your clients how your keywords are doing, whether people are searching for your targeted keywords, and the source of your leads.

 Improved Accountability

Occasionally, you may run into issues regarding whether it’s you or your client who dropped the ball. Client reports make the process of determining accountability easier by providing you with the raw data needed to craft reasonable and achievable key performance indicators. When you use the SEO software, you sort through the data provided to determine which areas your campaign needs to improve. You can also monitor these KPIs effectively through the software, so your client reports can instantly reflect whether you’ve met your goals.

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A Chance to Educate

Unless they’re particularly savvy with digital marketing techniques, the majority of your clients will only have the vaguest clue of what it takes to achieve their goals. Simplifying the explanation for search engine optimization requires narrowing it down to some easily digestible digits and information. An SEO software can readily provide both of these, thanks to their streamlined displays and built-in analysis. You can use it to make your client reports more enlightening for your customers. By giving them enough information, your clients can understand what you do and enhance your ability to cooperate.

Enhanced Transparency

Without accurate client reporting, it’s harder to build trust between you and your customers. Trust is the foundation of any strong business-client relationships. You’ll have an easier time fostering trust with your clients by providing constant reports containing accurate data. The numbers on your client reports will also reflect which areas your campaign needs work on and which ones you excel in. This enhanced transparency is possible thanks to the different data streams SEO software can collect and present to you and your clients when you report.

Sets Expectations

Your client reports can do much more than present what you’ve done so far with SEO software. You can include accurate projections that help you set client expectations. With the numbers the program gathers, it’s easier than ever to determine whether you can meet the goals set by your clients. Study these numbers carefully and make sure to include in your report whether you can achieve what your customers want. Setting their expectations prevents creating false hopes and helps make your company more reliable.

Why Invest in Client Reporting?

Thanks to all the features of SEO software that allow it to improve your client reporting abilities, your company can provide customers with a much better experience. Fostering this kind of loyalty with client reporting-enhanced customer experience is key in improving your business’ profitability. According to a survey on brand loyalty, 58 percent of respondents from around glove said that excellent customer service is very important in deciding their brand preference.

With weak client reports, improved transparency, and proper accountability afforded by SEO software, your agency will be able to enhance your relationship with clients effectively. This in turn can increase your customer retention. A study discovered that just increasing your business’s customer retention by as little as 5 percent can lead to a whopping 25 percent rise in profits.

When you’re ready to take your SEO agency to the next level, you should look into integrating reliable SEO software with your services. Not only will this move improve your systems and enable you to streamline your operations, it can also foster great customer relations thanks to great client reporting capabilities.

Don’t hesitate to upgrade your digital marketing agency today and build a strong and reliable customer relationship.

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