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How to Influence People to Purchase Without Hard Selling

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Things have really changed in the world today and we are now hyper-connected. Prospects are able to find the information needed very easily. This can be regarding services and products. As such, it is very important that people adapt to the changes. The best speakers use science and data to help salespeople to see selling differently. It is no longer about that old-fashioned selling approach. This was an enthusiastic and persuasive pitch for any service or product. Things are done differently now and this has changed business as we know it today.

Problems with the old way

Many people who try to use old-fashioned methods fail miserably. This is because they can be outsold by their competitors. They can also get lost in the sales cycle. Sales results that are not consistent are also experienced when this method is applied. You fail to achieve any goals that have been set and you end up struggling a lot to sell value.

If this is something that you have experienced, then it is time to change your marketing approach. When you do it right, you should be able to increase your sales in the most dramatic way possible. There are things that can be done to encourage people to make a sale without any of the hard selling. These include:

  • Letting go of the low-level buyers

Many of the salespeople concentrate on managers and low-level buyers. This is because such people are not too hard to pursue. This is an appealing idea, but such people do not have the budget or power to accept the offer made. These are people trained to make savings and this is why you should stay clear of them.

  • C-suite prospects

C-suite prospects are also worth your time. You need to be a peer to them. If you do not feel worthy to sell to the high-level buyers, then you will not have the ability to close the big sales. A salesperson should never consider themselves as being lowly especially if they are able to meet the high-level buyers. It is important that they consider themselves as being the peer. One thing to avoid is talking up. You need to sell as if you are a part of their enterprise. This is one of the ways in which you can land massive sales.

  • Bottom line results

Today, sales are not all about low prices or customer service. It is more about the technique that you use. Sometimes offering experience options works especially when the return on Investment is favorable. The high-level buyers are all about problem-solving and profit increase. This is why you should always stay focused on your bottom line and leave everything else out.

  • Case studies

When making a presentation, it is important that you do so use case studies. Avoid the benefit and feature kind of presentations since they have already been outdone. Use case studies and explain to the clients how the service or products will help them in solving problems. Also, explain the expected results and share past success stories.

It is possible to get people buying your products and services without necessarily hard selling. For more information, get in touch for more coaching and learn the best ways in which you can enjoy more sales.

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