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When You Want the Maximum Real Value

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A lot of people have houses they no longer want to own, but at the same time, the selling process can be kind of a pain to handle. For most of these people, this is just one of those issues where they may not know how to get it done properly. But then, for a few folks who are in the know, the process of getting rid of an unwanted house can be a lot less challenging than it would otherwise be. Of course, part of this comes down to where you put your individual priorities.

For some people, it’s about money. For other people, it’s about minimizing paperwork and stress. Still, for other people, the biggest goal in life is to reduce the amount of time they have to wait to get their goals accomplished. The biggest thing you have to think about from the very beginning is, what are your actual goals? If you don’t know what these are, actually getting them accomplished is going to just be that much harder for you.

Knowing What You Like

Are you the type of person who likes things to go as quickly and smoothly as is humanly possible? If so, that probably puts you well into the normal range of life for most things. However, there are times when quick and smooth are just not going to happen for you. Usually, this process gets slow and bogged down as much as possible when you have a house you simply don’t want anymore. The quick process is often anything but that.

For most people, the notion of selling their home is one where they expect to get the maximum possible value for it, in a matter of days, paying cash, and where everything comes back with glowing green lights and zero hassles. You just sign a form, and then carry that big check all the way to the bank. This is a pretty likable scenario, but this is also the rarest of all situations.

When Life Happens

Generally speaking, life happens. A lot. If you’ve ever gone through any home inspection, you know that home inspections are a pain in the lower back and that inspectors are known for finding problems that used to exist, that exist but are too tiny to matter to almost anyone, as well as even finding problems that might begin to exist at some point in the distant future. This is one way that life simply happens, especially when you want to sell your house.

Another thing is sometimes, you have a house you really like, but that you simply can’t maintain at this time. Sometimes, you get sick or hurt, or you have to go to tend to a family member who’s in dire need. Maybe you just got the job of a lifetime, but the offer is on the other side of the country, or even in another country altogether. It obviously becomes impractical to hold on to a house you’ve had for a while when your life takes you far away from the house itself.

The Definitions of Value

For many people, value is just a word that means money. Money itself is definitely a form of value because of how many different kinds of things money can get for you. At the same time, money itself is only one part of things. Value is a very wide open and loose term, and for many people, it’s just the beginning of what life has to offer concerning value itself. Your individual value proposition may be as unique to you as your fingerprints.

Value can also represent things like the amount of emotional stress you’re up to face. Sometimes, a person has got all they can handle on their plate at a given moment, and this can put a lot of stress on the person. This extra stress may be more than the person is really ready to face, and it can wear down even an otherwise very tough individual. You may be able to take the strain of a challenging process such as a property sale in the short term, but how long is this going to be interesting and okay, instead of fear-inducing and sickening to you?

The sickness a person feels when they begin to get stressed out is a palpable reaction, and it can be a lot less valuable to get a higher gross dollar value when this value comes at the cost of a very high level of pain and suffering. Your pain and suffering cut down your value. It can also make your life a far less enjoyable one.

When Cash Is King

Sometimes, it can actually be to your best interests to sell a house you own for cash, even if the total amount of the sale is less than you’d ideally want to get out of it. When life happens, it’s sometimes worth more to you and adds more significant value to your life when you simply accept what’s going on, and live with the fact that your sale price may not be perfect. The good news is these kinds of scenarios is that you’re going to actually get what you’re promised. The price is cash, so there’s no waiting around for financing. There are no super detailed inspections because the idea is to get things done on the quick.

Cash is king because it can move quickly and because it isn’t going to be bogged down in endless paperwork. This minimizes the stress of everyone involved in the transaction and allows you to get on with living your life. Taking care of a house can be a major set of responsibilities, and just letting it go to the taxman can be downright sad. However, getting a fair level of value through speed and simplicity can do you a lot of good.

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