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4 Advanced POS Features That Your Restaurant Must Have

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Having a good Restaurant POS System is an important thing for any culinary business. It helps you in more than one way to grow your business. From inventory management to payment acceptance, each of its features is explicitly targeted on tackling your business requirements and creating the best possible solution for the same. But in today’s competitive and ever-growing industry, having the basic features isn’t enough by any means. That means you have to keep adding various features to keep your competitors at bay all the time. Keeping in mind the same, here we are going to tell you about 4 Advance POS Features That Your Restaurant Must Have. 

These features are less common in the industry, but you must get these to increase your customers, hence increasing your cash flow with that. No matter if you already have a POS system in your restaurant or looking to buy one soon, you must know about these advanced features so that you can look out for them when you buy your next hardware.

What are Basic Point Of Sale Features

A conventional POS system gives you access to some of the basic tools and features for your business. The main aim of set-up a management system in your restaurant is to control inbound and outbound cash flow and take a notable record of the same. It gives the owner the freedom to access the accounts and statements anywhere on-the-go. It covers all the bases like transactions, cash disbursal, but along the lines, it also provides some valuable tools too. Inventory management is an excellent example of the same. 

But having basic tools covers your finances, which isn’t enough. So, because of the other factors into consideration, these new and advanced features come into play.

Advanced POS Features For Your Restaurant

There are many advanced features that a POS system could provide to grow your business marginally. These are not traditionally built in the system but are additionally given by some high-quality merchant partners. After having understood what the basic features are, we can now discuss these new and more demanding ones that could help you shape the future of your organization. So, without further adieu, let’s read these Advance POS Features in detail:

Scheduling & Payroll

Scheduling and payroll is part of all the businesses in the world. As much as a business needs money capital for its success, it also needs human capital too. And to have a decent staff running your business, you need to have right payroll and management system for them as well. There are many merchants that provide these features integrated with the POS system itself.

Pay at Table

Pay at the table is an essential feature for any restaurant. Be if a fast food joint or a retro-bar, you don’t want your customers to stay in a queue to pay your bills. To tackle this particular situation, At-Table Payments are introduced by various merchant partners. 

With this feature, you can easily accept many payment methods and with a single click of the client too. The customer can pay for the order from his or her table, and the payment will be transferred at an instant.

Cloud Analytics

POS system usage isn’t just limited to just billing and payments anymore. We can do so much more with them. One of the prime things that every merchant partner is trying to provide in their software is Cloud Reporting and Analytics. Analytics is a shorter and more understandable version of all the data accumulated by your company in a certain amount of time. Having a system that could automatically find and create data reports for you is a boon. It can help you achieve the following:

  • Graphical representation makes it much easier to understand how your business is working.
  • You can compare yourself with the current markets and other competitors.
  • Helps you in forecasting your sales for different products and time of the year.
  • Also, you can check and update all the data on the go.

Self-Ordering and Payment

Self-ordering is the new trend that is growing immensely in the culinary industry. This is because people don’t want to stand in queues to order their meals as well as do the same with the payment as well.

There have been multiple instances of people hating a restaurant just for the long waiting time. But a restaurant pos system can help you end the same drought as well. It can enable your restaurant to be fully compatible with online or in-house orders as well as on the table payments.  It also helps your restaurant to be updated with all the currently trending payment methods so that you might never lose a customer again because of the inability to attend a single payment more from your respected customers.

So, Which POS System Should I Go For?

There are more than a thousand of well-established merchant providers that provide these types of services in their firmware. But, you should go with the one that gives you the package with all these functionalities inside. After having seen all the pos systems in the industry, we have made sure that Eatos is the best pos system in the industry. They provide all the upstate facilities with some additional options such as third party support as well. So, if you are looking for the best restaurant POS system for your restaurant, then eatos is the best you can find.


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