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How Retail Display Design Works to Attract a New Audience

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If you have a business, your target customers must find out about your products and services. However, marketing your business needs to be done creatively and not too intrusive. With improvements in technology, the design of interactive displays has significantly improved. Interactive displays were introduced as an approach to retail and marketing. However, they remain an excellent tool to help advertise your business. Retail displays are versatile. With the right creativity, a display can leave your clients with a memorable experience. Remember, our eyes are our windows to the beauty that the world offers. As human beings, we are visual creatures. This means that what we see impacts us a lot. In this guide, we will cover the importance of having a retail display in attracting new clients.


Attention is an invaluable asset in any retail setting. This is because everything is competing to get noticed. If you place displays near your shop’s entrance, they will help capture foot traffic and bring more people into your store. Allow passers-by to glimpse through a variety of unique merchandise or new arrivals in your business. According to design experts from Bennett Packaging, having the right customized display might increase your conversion rates. You can market a loyalty program or use motion sensing to speak to customers as they directly walk past the display. In the case of restaurants, they can put their menu out-front for people to look through. Experts in the field of architecture and interior designing can market and advertise their portfolios to people and impress them without saying anything.


The incredible versatility of retail displays makes them a good option for advertisers. Businesses that rely on digital displays are forced to change their displays every time a new service or product is added. This makes it challenging for a shop to communicate with its audience. Retail displays can be altered at short notice, even changing out several times a day to take advantage of different clients. In the case of a restaurant, you can have breakfast specials in the morning hours. You can switch to a new menu.

The Layout

How you arrange your products in a retail store is vital if you plan to win new customers’ hearts. If you have many aisles, you should ensure that the shelves are only stacked with the display shows. This helps customers quickly find what they are looking for and easily add it to their shopping carts. If your shop has no formal arrangement of products, you will lose customers. For many customers, time is essential, and nobody wants to waste time locating a specific product.


Research has uncovered that people dislike dull lighting and unilluminated interiors. These conditions are associated with increased stress levels in customers. If they encounter a dark area, a customer might choose to leave your premises for another one. Ensure that your interior lighting is bright enough. Additionally, consider investing in more appealing colors. Bright colors like orange or red help to attract clients easily. You can also go for a smooth sky-blue color or green to convey a feeling of transparency and trust.

Text in the Windows

This is one of the best hacks in retail design. Many of us are curious onlookers and like reading any text written on a window, especially if it’s catchy. This hack will help to capture the attention of passersby easily. It increases the chances of a customer slowing down and looking at what you have to offer. However, ensure that your text is in a visible size and that the font is legible. It’s highly unlikely that people will stop to read something small.

Additionally, the length also matters. Ensure that your phrase is small and delivers the intended message. You can get creative by browsing some tips from the internet, or rather, tap into your internal creative process for ideas.

Your Floor Plan Matters

Many people pay little attention to the floor plan of their stores. A good floor plan will help to maximize your space even without overcrowding everything. Additionally, a good floor plan creates an easy path through which shoppers can navigate your store with ease. This helps create a customer bond, and a new customer will likely come back for a second time. If you want to accomplish this, start planning at the store entrance and work your way backward. The logic behind this is that customers will likely be impressed by the front set up when they enter the store. It will help to shape their psychology of how they view your store and determine whether they like the place. Avoid congesting the first 20 feet of your shop area; This space helps a customer transition quickly to a shopping feel.

Theme Consistency

This is one part where many people fail. It will help if you stock products that share the same perceptive feature. Doing this will help your store to have an explicit identification of what it offers to new shoppers. If you randomly mix different products, it will leave your customers confused. We would highly recommend that you stick to a specific theme and be consistent with it. If your customer demand changes over time, you can evolve the theme but avoid straying far from your root identity.


This is an effective way to increase your shoppers’ order values. Cross-merchandising helps to increase the rate of product discovery. This hack lures your customers to look at items that resonate with what they’re buying. The best way is to merchandise products that work well together. Additionally, you can display gift cards next to your products. It will help to jog the shoppers’ minds to use their gift cards.

Retail is now more competitive than it was in recent years. Like you and me, shoppers have a little attention span. This means having average retail displays will not help to attract new shoppers. Your store needs to have appealing visuals that compel people to shop, spread the word, and return. Additionally, ensure that your retail display showcases products that your target audience is interested in.

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