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5 Tips to Keep Employees Safe While Working From Home

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Workplace safety should be one of the top priorities of an organization. Every company must ensure that every individual feels safe and free from any hazards while staying inside their working establishment. 

Since the pandemic’s onset, many businesses have shifted to remote working or working from home. Now more than ever, companies are facing a big challenge in terms of keeping their employees’ environment safe and comfortable. What can a business do to protect its employees while they’re physically distant from one another? 

While it may seem extremely difficult to manage and implement, businesses should always be accountable for their employees’ safety and do their best to make their people work comfortably. With this in mind, here are five tips to keep employees safe while working from home.  

Provide Technical Resources and Support 

Assume that some of your employees aren’t ready to work from home. Make sure to check on your employees if they have reliable equipment and internet connection to accomplish their work tasks at home. Before starting the work-from-home setup for your organization, deliver these technical devices and resources safely to your employees’ homes. These devices should also be pre-installed with the necessary software required for their tasks. 

Whenever a staff member experiences technical issues, your company should have a designated technical support team. Some companies, even before the pandemic, have already hired IT services to help their business work efficiently. As a client of these IT companies, you should demand technical support delivered to your staff whenever they need help with something technical. 

In case the devices provided to your employees encounter any issues, you can assist them by asking help from companies like Bristeeri Technologies, which offer excellent desktop and laptop repair. If your company hasn’t availed of online security services yet, they also provide a plethora of tech services such as cybersecurity and virus and spyware removal. 

Keep Them Secured Online  

The internet has become a home of information on many different topics, including safety in the workplace. Many resources can help employees feel safe and secure when they’re working from home. One of the most important ways to keep employees safe while they’re working remotely is to train them properly on how to use the computer safely. This may sound obvious, but it is easy to overlook.  

While it’s easy to think that your employees already know how a computer works because they’ve been using it before, remember that they’re operating in a new environment. They will still need help and you have to be ready to give them that.  

Online security for online work requires an understanding of cyber threats to information systems, and how to prevent cyber attacks and data loss. Cybersecurity tips for work include the proper use of electronic devices, internet usage, and data security training. Here are some basic cybersecurity tips for keeping your business safe while working from home: 

Lock it down. Modern workplaces can contain multiple locations, multiple employees, and sometimes even multiple locations at once. In this case, your workplace can be attacked, monitored, and potentially affected. No matter where your work is housed for the day, make sure that devices are securely locked up. In addition, ensure that your computer has the latest anti-virus software installed. 

It would also help to conduct a web security training program. Employees who are aware of the dangers of the internet and are equipped with the knowledge of how to protect themselves are more likely to keep their personal information secure. 

Be More Considerate in Working Hours 

There are a variety of things that you can do to make sure your employees are happy and healthy while they’re working from home. One is to maintain a regular schedule for them to follow and be more open and considerate for any shortcomings on their side.  

Normally, employees are required to meet 40 hours per week. You can choose to keep this requirement for your employees weekly, but it would help if you allow them to work in intervals, as long as they meet 40 hours. Since your workers are staying at home, they have more responsibilities outside work, such as taking care of children, looking after the house, and the like.  

If the work day is taking too much toll on your employees, it may be a good idea to dismiss them early to take care of their other tasks. You may also allow a grace period once the workday starts. This way, they’ll feel more comfortable about reporting to work. If they know they can talk to you about their concerns and still enjoy your company at the end of the day, they’re more likely to do so. Once your employees feel safe and appreciated, they are more likely to want to do their best work at home and contribute to your success. 

Give Your Employees A Boost of Motivation 

In some instances, a more relaxed environment could cause issues with the work ethic and productivity. Some employees may take advantage of your kindness, and instead, use it to slack off or neglect their responsibilities. Just remember to draw a clear line and inform them of their limits, but make sure that they will not feel threatened or uncomfortable. 

Instead of creating a strict and intimidating work-from-home workplace, find ways to motivate your employees in these stressful times. First, ensure a clear line of communication between you and your employees. Encourage them to be more transparent and vocal, especially during virtual meetings. 

Do not forget to address employees with urgent concerns. You can invite them individually or as a group for virtual lunch meetings, morning exercises, counseling sessions, or if possible, movie nights. Anything that would make your employees feel more relieved at work will greatly help them cope with the current situation.   

Let Them Stay at Home 

Lastly, the essence of remote working during this pandemic is to prevent people from contracting and spreading the disease. Some countries around the world have already loosened up their lockdown measures which mean companies are also now encouraging their employees to return to the office. However, even with strict implementation of guidelines and protocols, some might still not be comfortable going out and about. Consider this factor and if physical presence isn’t necessary, just let your employee do their work at home and discuss any special arrangements.  

Bottom Line 

There are many ways to keep employees safe while working from home. Employees often feel intimidated or threatened by the online environment, and this can often lead to an increased level of frustration on their part. This frustration, when it becomes too much, can lead to negative feelings toward the company and to a feeling that this kind of setup isn’t worth working for. The last thing that your employees should feel is that they’re alone at work in these dark times. 

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