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5 Amazing Cloud Computing Solutions for Remote Workers

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Most of us have heard about the Cloud. Now, some small and medium company owners may think that IT solutions for business are simply a large and pointless expense – just a fad. This is a big mistake – cloud solutions increase productivity and make it possible to work efficiently even in the face of the COVID19 pandemic.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Before cloud computing, all organizations needed their own physical data centers to operate. Cloud services give access to information at any time of the day, regardless of location. If employees have access to the Internet, they can use, modify and share resources with any other person or group that has access to it.

There is no doubt that cloud computing and remote working go hand-in-hand. This has proved especially true after COVID19 lock-downs, when many companies all over the world recommended that their employees work remotely from home. It would be difficult now to find a company which doesn’t depend on the help of consulting and services companies specializing in Big Data and Cloud Platforms. Companies like DS Stream are offering cloud solutions to all – big, medium and small – businesses.

How Can Cloud Computing Solutions Change Your Company?

What are the advantages? After all, the pandemic will end one day and the world will go back to normal, so how can you determine the value of cloud technology for your company?

Access to Documents Everywhere and at Any Time

Imagine that you can access your data not only from your kitchen, but also from any other place in the world. This means you (or your employees) can work in the office, while on a business trip, or even on holiday if something serious comes up.

Save Money

Remember that running a business entirely remotely (if it’s possible) makes an office unnecessary. Some people already work completely from home. If somebody is a sole trader or works in a small team, it is possible to use free cloud solutions.

At any rate, physically backing up data is expensive and you don’t want to find out what the costs of data recovery are. To save money using the cloud, you will have to act wisely. Ensure that you are choosing the right sized solution for your organization and that it can scale up or down as needed.

Increase Productivity and Employee Satisfaction – In a Way…

Did you know that many people would willingly give up some part of their salary if they could work remotely? Some would say that no one will work effectively without supervision, but practice has shown that this isn’t true. Working from home won’t affect productivity – on the contrary, it may increase it. 

Meet 5 Cloud Computing Solutions for Remote Workers

Slack – For Better Communication in Team Work

Even big companies use this collaboration software instead of sending e-mails. It is the most expensive service of this kind, but also the most popular and – for many – the best.

Slack users can create channels for each team, letting them work on different projects without being interrupted by other workers. At the same time, users may send private messages to each other.

Zoom – Meet Online With Your Team Members and Clients

There are many solutions for video conferences that you can use to meet with your team members or customers. One of them is Zoom, which is getting quite popular these days. This platform can host 1000 participants and 49 videos on a single screen. Isn’t that impressive? Its high quality video and sound has caused many people to fall in love with it.

Hired – Find Your Dream Employee

Do you need skilled employees? Hired will help you with that. It has automated assessments for all candidates to standardize the hiring process. Yes, you have to pay to use it, but it will significantly shorten the recruitment process.

Canva – Easy Graphic Design

A nice tool, which is really easy to use even for those who are not design specialists. It is very good for preparing graphics for social media, diplomas, banners and even print projects (posters, leaflet). Users can share projects with other Canva users who can modify them. Canva’s core functions are free to use.

Click-up – Management Tool

This app will allow you to manage any team on any project. You can post task assignments for different people or teams, publish deadlines or use a Kanban board. There are so many possibilities that it is nearly impossible to name them all. You simply have to try it!

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