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Reasons To Opt For A Shared Office Space In Singapore

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With the current need for flexible businesses, office space rentals are in high demand. Also, shared office spaces in Singapore are very cost-effective for small startup businesses or beginner entrepreneurs. Add the desire to return to teamwork after the quarantine, and you’re left with the perfect reason to continue reading this article. Today we’re going to go through the reasons for choosing a shared office in Singapore.

There are various choices in Singapore for someone who wishes to rent a working desk or a private office for business purposes. Also, there’s a possibility to rent a bunch of desks for your own startup company. On Osdoro, you can find a much broader description of all office rentals and co-working in Singapore.

If you asked us the best co-working space in Singapore, we wouldn’t answer for sure. But one thing to keep in mind is that variety matters. And the most variety and diversity of shared spaces offers WeWork, Singapore.

Anyways, the choice of co-working spaces in Singapore is endless.



Shared offices, aka co-working spaces, allow people who wish to have a private working space to have it without any additional fees. It’s a concept where numerous people with independent businesses share office space (such as desks, chairs, printers, etc.) with no need to rent an expensive building or a floor.

Usually, a co-working office is an open area with separate desks, for which tenants pay monthly. Also, the fees traditionally include access to shared utilities and tools necessary for efficient working. There are also shared offices in Singapore that provide the clients with additional services.



Co-working offices tend to be about simplicity and minimalism when it comes to working space. Logically, the fewer square meters you use, the less you have to pay for them. No one understands the need to save money as much as beginner entrepreneurs. Simply paying for the room for work you need, you’ll eliminate a considerable amount of money you’d pay otherwise.

Traditionally, when you’re renting a whole office, you have plenty of extra expenses to cover. Providing that you were a keen coffee drinker or liked to snack during breaks, the rent bill at the end of the month would shock you.

On the other hand, shared offices usually come equipped with mentioned above bonuses. Some co-working spaces in Singapore go the extra mile and supply you with the business mail /address, a secretary who’ll answer the calls on behalf of your company, or even some translational work. If you do the math, you’ll realize just how much money you or your company would be able to save.

Monthly fees at co-working offices are flexible. The payments are based on the choices like whether you want your own desk or a shared one (aka “hot desks”), or the number of hours per month you’d like to dedicate to your work and spend there.

What is more, by cooperating with other tenants to pay for the cost of the infrastructure you share, you avoid paying specific enormous fees.

We mean things like equipment, utilities, custodial services, and receptionists. And by comparing a co-working office to your own office, another significant advantage is that you don’t get into a lease.



Co-working spaces are great for another critical reason. We’ve realized how important it is to have a flexible office rental agreement with the current world situation. Many people who rented the office were forced to continue sticking to the deal. However, their business shut down due to the pandemic.

If all of a sudden you need to cancel your agreement with a co-working office, you’re good to go. It is also ideal if you’d like to have a “trial” month of such a working environment. You can see for yourself to try the services and the atmosphere out. If you enjoyed the experience, stick to it. If not, there’s nothing terrible about canceling the membership.

Night owl and morning lark, co-working offices in Singapore offer you the opportunity to create your own working schedule. You’re free to come there 24/7, all year round.

We believe that it’s the flexibility that makes co-working so unique. So, it makes no difference whether you’re a young freelancer or someone with a side job and a 9 to 5 job. Everyone in such an environment can work at their pace and their biological clock.



As you interact with different people of diverse backgrounds, you’re more prone to running into an idea you’ve been waiting for. Who knows what an ordinary conversation near a coffee table can turn into? Co-working spaces enable you to create connections with unique people. Those are the people whom you would never have met otherwise.

The creation of a hugely successful project can start with small talk while in a restroom queue.

Those seem like the most solid reasons to start looking for a co-working office space in your district. There are definitely more advantages than disadvantages to trying a new way of working.






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