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4 Marketing Lessons Learnt From This Luxury Real Estate Company’s Success

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How did a luxury real estate company grow from its lowly beginnings to a globally renowned brand in the luxury world? How did the company get to attract some of the biggest celebrities in the world, like Lionel Messi and LeBron James? It wasn’t a stroke of luck; instead, it required dedication and digital marketing strategy.

Founded by entrepreneur Kian Vessal, Mega Mansions has firmly established itself in the world of luxury real estate. Its high-end property listings include some of the most opulent, most exclusive properties in fascinating locations worldwide. Surely, there must be lessons that any luxury brand can learn from the Mega Mansions strategy that has enabled success. This article analyzes the journey of Mega Mansions and identifies four of such factors.

Social Media Marketing

To display its array of luxury properties and attract the attention of willing buyers and agents, Mega Mansions started posting properties in its collection on Instagram. This was a deliberate move as Instagram is the most popular social media for visual content, especially photos. Soon, the Mega Mansions’ account started to grow widely. Now, even with only about 4,000 posts so far, the account is followed by 2.4 million users from around the world.

Kian Vessal, the founder of Mega Mansions, pins the company’s success on Instagram to deliver the right content people want consistently. Mega Mansions implemented a consistent strategy of posting photo and video content that people love and admire to get followers inspired and engaged.

Content Delivery

Note, consistency alone didn’t send Mega Mansions to the forefront; they had to post the right content. This can be tricky because luxury content consists of exclusive experiences that most people could not relate to. However, Mega Mansions innovated by making its Instagram account a source of motivation, rather than being just an account for posting ads.

It dawned on its founder that people always loved to see the boundaries being pushed and broken by extraordinary architectural capability. In his words, due to the heavy competition in the luxury industry, Mega Mansions introduced “a novel model of content material that most closely fits the likes of our followers and demographic. We thrive by exhibiting people fascinating content material they’ve by no means seen earlier then concurrently bringing our followers concepts, inspiration, and motivation.”


Life is about relationships, and Mega Mansions has done a good job cultivating the right relationships in the luxury industry. Mega Mansions has partnerships with some of the most reputable luxury real estate agents and agencies to showcase architectural masterpieces designed and built by luxury leaders around the world.

Some of the agents working with Mega Mansions include Trevor Kearney of Savills London, Jonathan Postma of The Jonathan Postma Group, Ramtin Ray Nosrati of HE Properties, Emil Hartoonian of The Agency Calabasas & Sherman Oaks, Dylan Tent of Sotheby’s International Realty, and Matthew Dugow of The Carroll Group, among others. Agencies in partnership with Mega Mansions include Nestseekers, Engel & Volkers Americas, Savills, Kollosche, etc.

These impressive partnerships have sustained the momentum of steady availability of the most exclusive high-end properties from the USA, the UK, Australia, and the likes.

Luxury Property Listings

No matter the methods and tactics, Mega Mansions could not have attained its success without offering actual high-end properties that people want. Certainly, Mega Mansions does not slack in this regard. Properties listed on its website are some of the most exclusive properties in the world.

Its array of luxury properties feature design innovations across various worlds and ideas, from gothic to modern, contemporary, and even country estates. Some of the magnificent properties in its listing include a $26,995,000 contemporary Florida mansion located in the affluent Hillsboro Mile, a $16,500,000 beachfront home located in Mermaid Beach known as the Gold Coasts ‘ Millionaire’s Row’, an $11,710,00 English estate located near Cambridge in High Beech, Loughton, and so on.

These properties, and more, embody the very lifestyle of the opulent. It is no surprise then that Mega Mansions has attracted the interest of celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Lionel Messi, and LeBron James. The latter once indicated an interest in a $52 million Hollywood Hills mansion, generating buzz online even though the mansion was already sold.

Moreover, some of these exclusive luxury homes featured on Mega Mansions are designed by globally renowned and award-winning architects such as Troy Adams, Zaha Hadid, Richard Landry, Paul McClean, SAOTA Architecture & Design, and others.


These are valuable lessons for any entrepreneur looking to venture into the luxury real estate business. The key factor to the success of Mega Mansions is that it established a community of loyal followers and not just the affluent, but everyone who wanted to be inspired by architectural masterpieces. Plus its strategic partnership with esteemed agents. agencies, developers, and architects helped them to connect directly with clients and potential buyers. And with the array of irresistible properties of grandeur offered by Mega Mansions, it is easy to see how this Australian company attained this level of success.

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