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A Guide to Sourcing the Best Real Estate Agents: All you Need to Know

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Whether you are looking to sell and relocate to another state, or you have just taken on a new job and are looking to buy in that area, you will need the services of a real estate agent. This might seem an easy task, a quick Google search will reveal hundreds of websites, yet not all agents offer the same service, even though they will all tell you their service is second to none. We will offer you some information that should help you to find the best real estate agent that covers your region.

Essential Agent Information

The information you need to determine the performance of an agent should include:

  • Number of current property listings.
  • Average number of days a property is listed until sold or rented.
  • Average unit sale price or monthly rental.
  • Number of units leased or sold this year.
  • The rate of commission charged.

The first step is to create a list of local real estate agents, and Google can help with that – whether looking for real estate agents in Kallangur or anywhere else in Australia – then you can browse, looking for the above agent information.

Selling your Property

If you are looking to put your home on the market, you want an agent that knows how to present a piece of real estate; using industry professionals to create the listing, while also offering home styling advice and a property staging service, which can produce a very quick sale. Look for an agent with fixed fees, or a competitive rate of commission, and when comparing agents, it might be better to pay a little more if that results in a quick sale at the price of asking. Typically, you would be assigned one person, who would be responsible for arranging the listing, and they would make requests when potential buyers wish to view, and this staff member would liaise with you throughout the process. Here is some further reading on sourcing a good real estate agent, which might be useful.

Renting your Property

If you are a rental property owner, look for an agent that focuses on this sector, as they will have the know-how and resources to assist you in many ways. Some agents offer a comprehensive property management service that is specifically designed for the property investor, covering every aspect of rentals, from screening potential tenants to building maintenance and everything in between. They can help with drawing up tenancy agreements, facilitating building repairs and maintenance and they would have a legal department, which you can call on, should the need arise.

Award Winning Agents

This is a great way to find out who the high-performers are, and there are many national and local awards in the real estate agent sector, so do check their website for awards. You can’t find a better indicator of great service than winning an industry award, which is why many homeowners focus on this when looking for a good real estate agent.

Useful Resources

When browsing real estate agent websites, the better agents will have a blog page that is full of useful information, with a first-time buyer’s guide that educates the reader on all aspects of property ownership, including the various forms of home loan that are available. If you are not familiar with the procedure, a friendly staff member would guide you through the process, whether selling or renting your home, and the customer should feel at ease with an agent that has a ‘can do’ attitude.

Free Professional Appraisals

Some real estate agents offer a free property appraisal service for both sellers and landlords, who can find out what the market price is for their property, or the monthly rental they can expect. Many agents have an online chat window, where you can discuss your needs with a staff member, and if it is outside or normal office hours, there would be a message box and someone would be in touch the following morning.

Online Solutions

You can source and browse the many real estate agent websites using Google, and when you are ready to make an enquiry, you can do this via the website. The agent would have a professional property photographer and an appointment would be made for the images to be taken, while a content writer would compose the listing. If the agent feels that the property should be tidied up, they would make recommendations and can even carry out the work if you wish. Click here for some government information on housing and property, which is a must-read for a first-time buyer.

Virtual Property Inspections

Some forward-thinking agents already offer virtual property viewings, which really does help the buyer to experience the property, as they can access all rooms and may even be able to tour the exterior using this technology. You can ask the agent whether or not they offer this service, which is attractive to potential buyers by helping them to shortlist properties for a physical viewing.

If you find a real estate agent with a good track record, your property should be sold or rented in a short time.