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Genius Stress Busting Ideas for Your Employees

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As an employer, do you worry that you aren’t doing enough to reduce help reduce your employees’ stress? Well, don’t worry, you aren’t the only worried boss out there! A large number of new-age bosses are going the extra mile to protect the mental and emotional well-being of their company’s human assets.

From encouraging meditative practices to being more communicative, there’s a lot you can do. Here are some effective stress-busting ideas that you can use for the overall well-being of the people in your workplace.

Encourage The Practice Of Meditation

Meditation has proven to be effective for scores of people across the globe. Not only does meditation bring about a sense of relaxation in the practitioner but it also results in reduced stress levels and increased peace of mind.

Getting a meditation coach on your team is one way to encourage the practice of meditation in your workplace. Employers who cannot budget in a meditation coach can also resort to using new-age mobile applications that provide guided meditation techniques to users.

Insist On and Provide Measures for Physical Exercise

People with desk jobs tend to remain unfit because of the constraints on their physical movements. Further, it has been scientifically proven that people with desk jobs are at a higher risk of developing stress-related ailments like heart trouble, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and more.

Ensuring that your employees get a certain amount of physical exercise on a regular basis can play a major role in reducing their stress levels. Setting up a gym in the office or providing discounted memberships to local gyms can help you achieve the reduced stress level goal for your employees.

Organize Fun Social Gatherings for Your Employees

Well, we all know it far too well that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Effectively reducing stress levels amongst the employees of an organization requires a little bit of fun time.

Organizing fun social gatherings like wine tastings, office parties, movie screenings, and day outings can help your employees forget about their work-related problems for a while. Further, social gatherings for the office staff enables employees to build better and stronger personal relations with one another, thereby resulting in an improved and healthier atmosphere in the workplace.

You can also give out small ‘thank you for coming’ custom-made stickers like wine bottles from iCustomLabel with your company logo imprinted on them at the end of the social gathering.

Setting Up A ‘Fun Zone’ In The Office

Employees that are forced to crunch numbers all day long without any breaks can become cranky, super stressed and irritable. A large number of multinational companies are now setting up fun areas in the office where employees can take short breaks and divert their minds from the daily mind-numbing number crunching.

These fun areas can be set up with ping pong tables, board games, pool tables, reading materials and other fun stuff that can help in playing a major role in reducing the stress levels of your employees. 

Creating an Effective and Open Communication Channel in the Workplace

In organizations with a hierarchy, the junior staff or the subordinates often get lost because they fear that they cannot openly communicate with their seniors. This inability to openly communicate with senior level management often leads to increased stress levels in the employees. This, in turn, results in costly mistakes at the workplace.

Organizing interactive meetings for junior and senior-level management, offering in-house therapy sessions and providing other open channels of communication can assist in reducing the stress levels of the employees to a great extent.

Keep the Foods and Fluids Flowing

Chronic stress levels at the workplace can lead to erratic eating and drinking habits amongst your employees. While some employees may find themselves unable to eat, others may end up indulging in sugar and carb-rich comfort foods.

It is very important that your employees have access to healthy foods like dry fruits, granola bars and ready to eat salads; and fresh drinking water, fruit juices, and healthy drinks so that their stress levels remain in control.

Stocking up the pantry with customized water bottle label, trail mix packets, fat reduced popcorn, baked chips, dark chocolate, and other such items can help keep the stress levels of your employees in check.

Offering Flexible Work Hours for Your Employees

Long and never-ending work hours at the office have proven to be amongst the greatest causes of stress amongst corporate employees.

Employers often forget that their employees have personal problems, sick elderly parents at home, children to attend too and so on. Providing the option of flexible working hours or working from home can help in drastically reducing the stress levels amongst your employees.

To keep things organized a common office chat can be used to get timely work updates from the workforce.

There are several effective ways in which you can create a healthier and stress-free working atmosphere in your corporate or commercial setup. Follow the above-mentioned tips and suggestions and add some more of your own creative stress-busting ideas. Give your employees happy and healthy work-life.

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