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CGI Communications: Spotlighting Businesses and Communities for Over 30 Years

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CGI Communications is an advertising and digital marketing firm specializing in municipal video tours of counties and cities throughout the United States and Canada. They are proud supporters of local businesses and townships, and their videos showcase to the nation all these communities have to offer.

Over thirty years of experience, and community partnerships numbering in the thousands, makes CGI Communication among the most innovative community marketers in North America.

CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz has created a business that draws on a talented pool of happy employees. These employees share a passion for giving a voice to Main Street America and telling locally-minded stories with their online marketing and video expertise.


A History of Serving Communities

This Rochester, NY-based company began its life as Community Graphics Incorporated. Initially, their focus was on hand-drawn, illustrated posters highlighting the attractions of small and medium-sized cities throughout the United States.

CGI’s artists passionately created hundreds of community graphics posters and ‘personality maps’ of cities and municipalities across the nation. The mid-90s saw CGI begin their Streetscape Banner Program, which hung banners from countless community street poles promoting local businesses.

Eventually, CGI President and CEO Bob Bartosiewicz changed the name to its initials: CGI Communications and the company switched to an all-digital platform in the early 2000s.

NEXT! Ad Agency and eLocalLink are the two divisions of CGI. They work with chambers of commerce and municipalities to give their regions a spotlight and increase interest in the area, whether that’s for attracting potential home buyers, tourists, or people looking to start a business.

In 2004 eLocalLink was launched, providing hundreds of municipalities with professionally produced online videos allowing communities to showcase their history, people, personality, and businesses through the power of digital media.

The company has grown from its humble roots into a large video production and digital marketing business, with over a hundred employees dealing with their video production arm alone. But although CGI has grown, its commitment to local communities remains its primary focus.


CGI’s Commitment to Communities

CGI Communication always takes an innovative approach when it comes to helping local communities position themselves for success online. This is a commitment they have always had as they have helped Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Organizations across the nation promote their counties and cities.

CGI prides itself on becoming specialists of every community they work with, doing extensive research and outreach to really get to know the community they are showcasing.

The result of this approach has meant that official government websites all over the country proudly display the video tours they produce. CEO Bob Bartosiewicz thinks there is no better way to help cities, small and large, promote and educate new residents, visitors and businesses.

These videos highlight all of the possibilities afforded by America’s communities, whether that’s a township’s homes, schools, parks, or their business and amenities. CGI invests everything they have in showing what makes each community a special place to live and work. Highlighting the best of America’s communities is what CGI Communications CEO Bob Bartosiewicz cares about the most.


Benefiting Both Communities and Businesses

CGI’s business marketing arm, Next! Ad Agency has been another successful venture for CEO Bob Bartosiewicz. Thanks to this undertaking, CGI now has thousands of happy customers in the private sector using the wisdom of CGI’s marketers to promote their business and making CGI a friend of both businesses and communities.

CGI Communications CEO Bob Bartosiewicz knows that helping smaller companies grow in ways they never thought were possible is one of the best ways to support local businesses.

CGI and its team have benefited business owners and community leaders throughout the United States. With their one-of-a-kind knowledge of marketing cities and townships and their reputation management abilities, it’s no surprise that their customers are consistently ecstatic with CGI’s results.

Not only that, but CGI prides itself on helping you understand those results and why you are getting them.


Helping Townships Flourish

Bob Bartosiewicz is a native of Connecticut and originally planned to become a police officer, but early exposure to the community changed his trajectory.

After moving to Rochester in 1987, Bortosiewicz started the company that would eventually become CGI. At the time, they did everything by hand, but that quickly changed after gaining a contract with the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Contracts with the National Association of Counties and the National League of Cities promptly followed.

By the early 2000s, Bob Bartosiewicz took CGI into the all-digital realm of internet videos, focusing on promoting localities and their entrepreneurs. As a result, CGI has provided its services to thousands of communities throughout North America and has worked with over 80,000 local businesses.


CGI Communication engages its North American audiences with cost-free initiatives aimed at helping townships flourish and thrive online, making today’s communities stand out as the towns and cities of America’s future.


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