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Atom Finance Review: Check Out this Review Before Trading

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Traders know how difficult it can be for novice investors to succeed in a crowded, cut-throat market. For decades, investors have always suffered from the disadvantage of not being able to access institutional-level data.

Atom Finance is a powerful tool designed to provide ordinary investors with Bloomberg terminal quality investment data at a fraction of the price. It’s exploded in popularity since its release, with $12 million in funding generated in the early months of its release.

The question is should you be using Atom Finance when buying stocks? We reveal all in this review.

What is Atom Finance?

Other Atom Finance reviews have been glowing about Atom Finance. The simplest way to look at Atom Finance is it’s the Robinhood of investment data.

This fintech was established by Eric Shoykhet in New York City back in 2018. Shoykhet’s sole aim was to democratize access to investment tools formerly only available via Bloomberg terminals.

With a Bloomberg terminal costing $24,000 per year and most of Atom Finance’s features costing $0, it’s clear that this is a gamechanger.

Atom Finance Features

Atom Finance aims to make investing in a stock simpler than ever before. With so many new investors in the market today, it can be difficult to know who to trust.

Some of the main features of Atom Finance include:

  • In-Depth Data – The investment data available on this platform cannot be found on popular platforms, such as Yahoo Finance and MarketWatch.
  • Customized Newsfeeds – Get the curated news you care about by customizing your newsfeed and cutting through the noise.
  • Stock Screeners/Alerts – Digest all the important numbers via Atom’s state-of-the-art stock screening and alerts system.
  • Create Financial Models – Forecast the future performance of your investments by creating your own financial models. Investors can make both short and long-term financial forecasts with the forecasting tool.
  • Connect with Fellow Investors – Exchange tips and discuss strategies with your fellow investors via discussion boards and group chats. Reviews on ForexSignals, the renowned trading room, are comparable to Atom’s own chat rooms.

Both the desktop website and the mobile app can be used to connect your brokerage account and track the performance of your portfolio.

Atom can be connected to several major U.S. brokers, including Fidelity, Robinhood, and Schwab. While there’s no requirement to connect Atom with your brokerage account, doing so can maximize the value you get from the platform by closely measuring your returns.

How Much Does Atom Finance Cost?

You might assume that you need a sizeable monthly cash payment to gain access to a tool like this. Atom Finance is unique in that it doesn’t charge a cent to take advantage of the majority of investment tools.

Atom Finance recently announced the release of the Atom+ program, a paid subscription for investors. As of this writing, there’s no release date set and no information on pricing or what investors will get in exchange.

Either way, Atom Finance is perhaps the most valuable free source of investment data on the market today.

Pros and Cons of Atom Finance

Like any service, there are advantages and drawbacks to using Atom Finance. Let’s examine the main points you need to be aware of before creating an account with this platform.


  • In-depth investment data.
  • Completely free to use.
  • Cutting-edge tools to improve your research.


  • Severe lack of customer support.
  • Atom+ charges a fee for the highest level of investment data.

How to Use Atom Finance in Your Investing Strategy

Atom Finance can be combined with other popular tools, such as the Motley Fool. It should be noted that Atom isn’t designed to recommend stocks or investments. Professional traders are not offering personalized advice on where to invest your money, like with other trading tools.

For this reason, newer traders may want to look into platforms like the Motley Fool and then use Atom to conduct further research into potential stock picks. Check out this review on the Motley Fool to find out more about it.

Are there any true downsides to this platform?

No, because it’s a research tool, rather than a stock picking service. While Atom doesn’t guarantee that you’ll become a stock market success, it can play a critical role in your journey.

Is Atom Finance Right for You?

Both new and experienced traders can extract significant value from incorporating Atom Finance into their stock research. The institutional level investment data available is unparalleled and it can keep your overheads down.

Whether you just want some basic information on a stock or you’re a data nerd looking to explore every avenue, Atom can be tailored according to your needs.

While it’s less useful for day trading strategies, most traders will find Atom Finance helpful for determining their next moves.

If you want to try out Atom Finance, we believe it’s one of the best tools available for stock market investors. Head on over to Atom Finance, create an account, and start making trades just like a Wall Street trader today.

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