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How to Earn Money Playing Video Games

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Monetizing your hobby and become financially FREE

The gaming industry is one of the biggest in the world with a revenue of about $152 billion. With this huge amount of money, there are opportunities for amateurs and professional gamers to cash in by turning their video gameplay into a hustle. Before, we get straight into it, have you ever imagined that you could get paid to play video games in the US? Yea, it is possible but requires a whole lot of work which is simply achievable if you put your mind to it. Over the years, the gaming industry has grown its footprint giving gamers the opportunity to make money from an activity that has been described by many as a waste of time. We’ve figured out strategic ways you can make money, and in this post, we will reveal practical steps on how to level up your video gaming hobby.

Review Video Games & Get Paid

If you have an interest in writing, then you may want to join an existing video game review platform or start your review blog for games. To be successful in this, you must be up to date with games and the release date, then pick a “pen” to write a review in the first week it was launched. To write a video game review, you’ll need to access all kinds of data to get heads up before others do. Writing reviews for video games can be intensive, and profitable. If you choose to write for an existing blog, you’ll receive payment per article submitted and vetted. On the other hand, you can start your game review blog, and work towards increasing your audience size and monetize it using adverts.

How Much Can I Make?

If you write for an existing game review site, you can make up to $10 – $15 per hour. Although, you can make more money if you own a video game review blog with massive traffic. Traffic is considered the lifeblood of any game review site, so more traffic means more money.

Become a Game Tester

Every product including video games goes through several development stages before it hit the market. During these stages, the video game must go through beta testing. A video game beta tester is saddled with the responsibility to test everything upon the request of the game developer, and this means you’ll become a part of the video game production team. Companies are looking to test their games with the help of real users before the market launch to identify bugs, existing technical errors, and give the developer feedback on what to improve. Beta testing a game is a green niche, and you can sign up to become a tester on platforms like Uber Testers, Alpha Beta Gamers, Beta Family, etc.

How Much Can I Make?

There is no static amount you can make when you join the beta testing phase of a gaming product. Payment can be made hourly, monthly, or based on your level of usability, the payment rate differs and it’s based on the sponsor company hiring you for the test. However, based on feasible research, a video game beta tester can earn up to $15 per hour to $150 per hour.

Create Spontaneous Gaming Guides & Tutorials

As an individual who finds fulfillment and fun in playing video games, what is keeping you from making “How To” content about games you’ve played. Creating a gaming guide and tutorial doesn’t have to be challenging, hence you can leverage on your experience and knowledge about the type of game you intend to write about. When you are set to earn through this path, bear in mind that you have to enhance the intelligence of your potential readers and help them boost their playability skills. You can create a website for gaming guides, upload video guides on YouTube or publish them as eBooks. The website and YouTube are monetized through advert placement while revenue from eBooks can be generated through sales. Above all, the set of skills that you’ll need to excel through this means is possessing a strong writing skill and formatting skills.

How Much Can I Make?

The amount of money you can make from creating gaming tutorials and guides is highly determined by your effort. You can place yourself as a thought leader of a particular game where people are having issues, then teach them how to overcome them. You can make up to $650 monthly as a gaming tutorial and guide creator.

Compete in Video Game Tournaments

Game tournaments are common ground for experienced gamers where they can showcase their skill and get paid. In most cases, gamers are required to pay an entry fee to compete against other players, the fee is set up to filter those gamers who lack confidence in their skill. The video game tournament is similar to the usual sporting event, therefore, how much you can make depends on your interest in the tournament. Currently, there are tens of gaming companies in the US that organize game tournaments.

How Much Can I Make?

The video game tournament is usually highly competitive, and only gamers with great playing skills take home the cash prize. The money you can earn ranges from $10 to $3,000 per match.

Final Thoughts

Every gamer believes video games are fun, and it remains one of the best ways to clear the minds and escape from negative thoughts. If you want to take your gaming experience a notch, thankfully, we’ve carefully outlined several ways you can make a living as a gamer with experience. In case you are wondering how you can receive whatever money you make in your gaming journey, then you can visit and they’ll provide you with accurate information on how to receive or withdraw your payment. After all, the result of earning money while you play video games is to have exclusive access to your cash at any time.

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