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8 Best Books to Help You Break Bad Habits

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As the saying goes, leaders are readers. One becomes a leader by breaking bad habits and creating good habit patterns. We are controlled by our habits. Our daily habits determine our success or failure in life.

Just as good habits take time to become a part of us, breaking poor habits will require effort and discipline. Picture someone who is addicted to a certain drug. How long does it take for him or her to live a free life without the drug? Maybe months or years. It all depends on how deep the habit had entrenched.

When breaking a habit, you want to use specific methods that will not require a lot of effort. Using a lot of effort to break a bad habit might make you give up. Books are rich with well-researched information that you can use any time to break your bad habits.

Using proven methods outlined in great books will definitely ease everything for you. We did some research on the best books available to break bad habits. And we found them. Read on!

The Power of Habit


The power of habit is a book worth reading. It has a thorough and direct approach. The author says that forty percent of our choices are not choices at all but habits. He goes on to say that we have been programmed like robots to screw up life.

It is of utmost importance that you understand how habits work and identify the bad ones. You also need to be addicted to good habits instead of bad ones.

The aim of the author is to have his readers replace bad habits with good habits. And he provides a proven system on how to achieve this goal successfully. This book has received lots of great feedback and ratings from the readers. Find a time and read it.



If you’ve ever tried using willpower to accomplish a certain objective, you know the results. Willpower is strong when you start out something but as time progresses, the energy fades away and we lose our momentum.

A good example is working out. Beginners are usually optimistic with high levels of energy and a big dream. Most of them start out by hitting the gym every day and lifting heavier weights. After some time, all the energy fades away and the thought of hitting the gym seems totally unexciting. They end up lying on the couch and watching their favorite sitcom. Why? Willpower.

According to expert essay writers, understanding how willpower works will help us make simple positive changes in our lives. The authors have spent a lot of time and resources researching about willpower and how people can use it to break bad habits.

Most of us have tried using willpower a couple of times and failed terribly. This does not mean you should not give it a try. Read the book and discover new ways to break your bad habits.

 The Craving Mind


Our mind controls everything we do. It’s at the center of everything. The mind can be a huge asset when properly used or a great liability when used in an improper way. Most people today are being controlled by their minds. And that’s why they always feel out of control in most situations. If the mind is controlled and properly directed, nothing can stop you. You’ll get anything you wish to have.

So, how do you take control of your mind? Judson Brewer has a method that combines mindfulness and neuroscience to prevent bad habits from taking control. The practice makes you aware of the choices you are making.

You’ll be glad to hear that this system has been practically proven to work. The system was used to help people quit smoking and it was discovered as a very effective method in getting people to put down the cigarette.

Mindfulness just like write my essay does not just help in increasing awareness. It has other side effects such as increased happiness and calmness. Today, most people use mindfulness to manage stress and anxiety.

The One Thing


Trying to be great in many things makes us mediocre in all of them. The authors of The One Thing have one goal in mind. To help their readers focus on one goal at a time. Similar to an essay writing service, focusing on one goal for a long time will make you extremely good at it. The leaders and successful people we all admire are known for one thing. They might be mediocre in everything else but they are world class in one thing. That’s the key to success.

If your goal is to break a list of poor habits, you should tackle one at a time; giving it all the attention and energy it deserves. Once you break it, move to the next one. As you do this, you will gain momentum, therefore, you’ll use less energy in breaking the successive habits. Success is a science. It is not something that happens by chance or fate. This book explains the importance of focusing on one thing.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People


This is a classic book that has helped many readers achieve their goals and dreams. The seven habits of highly effective people is a great book not only for those who wish to break a bad habit but also for those who’ve tried becoming successful and failed.

For anything to happen, we have to change. And as the popular saying goes, insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. People hate change. And yet it’s the foundation of success and happiness. This book is based on timeless principles to increase an individual’s productivity and effectiveness by breaking bad habits.

The Compound Effect


The compound effect is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Darren takes his readers through an entire system that determines the success or failure of any individual. The book is based on the fact that small choices that don’t seem like a big deal at the moment compounded over time add up to huge results.

Choices are the determining factors of success or failure. But which choices exactly? He says that small choices such as calling one more prospect or calling it a day, eating a salad or eating fries and hamburgers or buying an essay or watching T.V. Choices repeated over time become habits.

If you have poor habits, they are compounding every day. If you smoke cigarettes, how will you look like twenty years from now? What would that person tell you today? Put the cigarette down!

Making good choices will form good habits and you don’t have to be thinking about them at all. The Compound Effect is a great transformational book.



The management guru at top essay writing service reviews, Peter Drucker explains that effectiveness is a habit that is learned over time. Ineffectiveness is also a habit. He breaks it all down in a simple way. Do enough effective acts every day and your success is guaranteed. Do ineffective acts all day long and failure will be your companion.

Being efficient involves doing every tiny act in the right way. This means you should always be aware when performing all tasks. The reason most people don’t get ahead is that they are effective at some tasks and ineffective at others.

They increase their awareness when performing important tasks and then switch to autopilot when performing small tasks. As Peter Drucker says, effectiveness is a habit. You need to train yourself to be effective in each and every act for you to succeed.

Make it Stick


Our world today is full of distractions. Some time ago, the only distractions were a ring on the phone or a knock at the door. But today, we’ve opened all the windows and anything can distract us. In fact, we are using the tools of distraction to work. We have a great need for new information every time.

We spend hours reading the news and on our social media platforms trying to impress others or being impressed by others. The habit of using technological devices incessantly has addicted us. We just can’t put the phone down even when we want to. Scientists have compared technological addiction to tobacco addiction and there is no much difference.

This is the time to focus if we want to achieve our goals. Make it Stick is all about learning how to learn in our world and grasping the most important points quickly. This book is perfect for someone trying to break a bad habit.


So, which book will you read to break your bad habits? Remember, to break a habit, you need to read and put to practice what you learn. If you read and put the book away, you will not experience anything at all.

Breaking a habit is a practical activity that requires dedication and focus. You might find yourself losing track a couple of times. And that’s normal. The most important thing is getting back on track. Use the proven systems discussed in the books outlined above and everything will be easier for you. You’ll be amazed at the new life you’ll find. Happy reading!


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