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Still Concerned About COVID-19? It’s OK to Keep Working from Home

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Let’s face it: The Coronavirus is here to stay for quite a while. Back when it just started spreading, many were hoping that it would fade away just as quickly as it had appeared, but sadly this is not the case. This means that humanity is going to have to learn to live with it – and mainly to learn how to adapt to a new life routine. While there’s still a lot of work left for that to happen, you can see that some fields of life – specifically financial and economic ones – are already starting to go in that direction. However, not everyone feels that they are physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to go back out there, and that is completely understandable considering the different impact this disease had (and still has) on people.

Hence, it is legitimate for people to be afraid to simply return to their job routine just yet. That’s why it is important to know that there are employment opportunities even for those who still don’t want to go back to business as usual and prefer to stay safe at home. We’ve gathered a few here for you that are worth considering and you’re more than welcome to take a look.

Ask Your Boss To Work From Home

OK, this option is not suitable for everyone and every job. Having said that, back when restrictions and lockdowns began, most people didn’t think working from home was even a possibility but take a look at the economy today. If this interests you, we recommend discussing it with your boss and putting an offer on the table – you’d be surprised at how flexible they can be. Remember, they also have a lot to gain from you working from home. Think of the endless commuting hours and costs which are saved, for example.

Become an Influencer

What used to be the bread and butter of celebrities and social media stars is now open to everyone with a will and some free time. While it’s not easy to become an influencer online, it is much more within reach than it used to be. The trick is to find the right way to get people to consume the content you create – whether a YouTube page, an Instagram account, a blog, or whatnot. The basic rule is that your content should be about something you have a passion for (maybe a hobby or interest that you are really serious about). 

There are all types of methods to gain followers and they vary between platforms. We recommend reading more about it, but the general idea is to create appealing, eye-catching content that it is easy for others to connect to. Once you do have a large bank of followers, social media platforms such as YouTube may pay you for every exposure you get, since it gives them great exposure to the advertisements they add to your content. Win-win situation, it seems.

Generate Leads for a Commission

Sellers are looking for buyers. Companies are looking for clients. That probably won’t change anytime soon. Now you can take part in this ecosystem and become a middleman in the equation. By advertising online to gain people’s interest, you can collect data on potential clients (location, email address, and so on) called “leads” and sell it to relevant service or product providers. For that process, you earn a commission (depending on how many leads you successfully pass on).

Today, platforms are being offered for the process of lead generation. You pay to use the platform and in return, you get a simple advertising mechanism which includes the businesses in need of leads, the publishing sites your ads will run on, and the data that will help you pick the right audience for your ads. One of these sites is called Crystalead and what Crystalead offers is  a short, three-step method to lead generating that you can check out.  

Buy and Sell Online

Have you ever seen an item for sale on social media and thought to yourself, “I could sell it for much more”? Well, this is your chance to give it a try. All kinds of strange things are offered for sale online at ridiculous prices. You can buy this stuff and then resell it for a higher price, and the gap in pricing is yours to keep.

While this requires little experience, it does mean you need to invest time in it. Finding the bargains is not always easy and demands a thorough search. Also, you need to have patience since the process of selling may take a while. Other than that, you need to remember that you won’t always succeed in making a profit and losses are an inevitable part of this trade. Good luck!

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