Best Practices for Small Business Cyber Security: Ram Duriseti’s Definitive Checklist

There are several reasons why small businesses are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks; lack of awareness, time, and budget, a dearth of expertise and employee training, using outdated security programs, and failing to secure endpoints being the most important ones. To avoid being a victim of cybercrime, small business owners can implement the following best practices: […]
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What To Expect When Partnering With a Public Relations Firm

Whether you run a budding startup or an established business, cultivating a positive brand image is crucial to your success. Executing organic outreach, establishing consistent engagement, and mitigating negative conversations is all part of this process. However, when you’re focusing on running and expanding your core operations, dedicating time and energy in your work schedule […]
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3 Best Shopify Features For Your Online Store

Shopify is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms right now. Tie-ups with Amazon through the last decade have strengthened its global profile. Then, it built upon its rising popularity and is now the eCommerce platform of choice for millions of merchants. Monthly Recurring Revenue For Shopify Plus So what makes Shopify so special that businesses […]
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Eric Dalius’ Seasonal Business Entrepreneur’s Expense Management Plan

The business rules are slightly different for seasonal business entrepreneurs. If you are one, you might be asking yourself two essential questions. One, how to leverage the busy season? And two, how to survive progressively in a slow market? Seasonal business entrepreneurs are always looking for useful methods to incentivize their consumers to purchase during […]
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8 Ways to Create Opportunities for Your Small Business

Building a healthy client list is at the top of your mind of any small business owner. You know that closing a new client is crucial to the growth and success of your business. This new stream of clients and opportunities form the lifeline for your company and provide room for you to grow your […]
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Top 10 B2B Websites in the World Today

Digital transformation has opened multiple avenues for businesses today. With advancements at its peak, companies are seeking for online platforms to expand their business opportunities. On the other hand, the rising consumer demands are creating opportunities for businesses to excel at a faster and greater pace. A number of platforms are operational across the globe […]
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Tips for First Time Property Investors

Property is one of the leading investment choices for multi-millionaires and working families alike. Not only is real estate seen to be ‘safe as houses’ (the stability of property investment is actually where that saying comes from), there is a prestige associated with property ownership. With housing considered a basic human need, having multiple properties […]
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The Comparison Between Crowdfunding and Peer to Peer Lending

For the last few years, borrowers have had significant difficulty in securing finance from mainstream banks. This is especially true for small scale businesses who are suffering much due to the financial dip of recent times. Most of these borrowers have managed to get their projects funded using alternative finance options like crowdfunding and peer to […]
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Top 3 VoIP Technology Trends for This Year

We live in the age of technology, where many things have evolved and replaced others. VoIP technology is one of them. VoIP has changed business communication. VoIP phone technology is advanced so that every business can run very effectively and inexpensively from multiple locations. Many businesses have shifted their telecommunication services to the hosted VoIP platform […]
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10 Ways to Make Your Tech Business Stand Out

With the technology industry being the advancement and continual growth of today, it is important to stand out. Certain brands, icons, and people are automatically placed in our heads when we associate it with technology. If you are able to take initiative and work hard to implicate these ways to help you stand out, your […]
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