Checklist for Purchasing a Business

Are you thinking about buying a business? It might be a great idea if you do your homework. It’s a complex solution that requires careful analysis of the physical property, financial reporting, and the relationship between the company and its customers, the community, and competitors. Don’t try to do this analysis alone – get professional […]
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Gaining Customer’s Trust Using These 4 Communication Techniques

Your customer is your biggest priority in your organization. They are literally your bread and butter and need to be treated as such to ensure that they are loyal to your brand. The customer experience is currently one of the biggest differentiators in a customer’s choice of brand.  In fact, research shows that 86% of […]
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6 Creative Ways to Overcome Purchasing Challenges

The pandemic has created many new challenges for companies, including state-wide shutdowns and new social-distancing requirements. One of the biggest hurdles companies have faced is procuring the supplies they need to keep their businesses up and running.  In the first wave of the pandemic, we saw shortages driven by increased demand and supply-chain bottlenecks. In […]
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3 Cost-Effective Factors When Moving to the Cloud

It is always a matter of concern to know which factors affect the cost when moving to a cloud-based communication system. It is an undeniable fact that before moving, you will need a clear, valid business case that your management can understand and support. No doubt switching to VoIP could bring faster speeds, innovation, and […]
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Why You Should Add SIP Trunking to Your Telephone System

What is SIP? The term SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. In IP telephony and traditional network engineers that always made a clear difference among these two different phases of a voice call. The first is ‘Call setup’ and it includes all the necessary details that required to get two phones talking. When a call […]
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Key for Web-to-Print Success: Building and Educating the Right Team

Choosing the right set of people is always the key to success in any kind of business. These people should be given proper training in a particular area. By proving the chosen people go through a process that educates them about the different sections that a print business consists, some innovative and creative ideas would […]
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5 Important Business Skills That Are Crucial For SMB Owners

Are you a small-medium business owner? Are you constantly looking for ways to make your business do better? Are you ready to learn some super-useful skills? If yes, then this article is for you. Here, we are discussing five of the most important business skills that are crucial for SMB owners. So, buckle up and […]
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Why You Should Run Background Checks on Partners and Clients

Every partner and client relationship created by your company can transform into a sustainable source of revenue. Performing a basic check before investing time and effort into the contact is the best way to establish some level of protection. What is more, it is quick, easy, and free through UnMask or a similar background check […]
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EJ Dalius’ Tips to Transform Business Visions Into Reality

For the success of any business, a leader should first define the concepts of an organization. Active participation by the leader to give shape to the vision is essential, and it is only a leader who can give reality to the concept. They should know their role in the business venture to devise an effective […]
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Why Are Businesses Ditching Old Phone Systems for VoIP?

If you think that VoIP increases savings by decreasing the cost, then we are here to broaden your horizons. In this article, we are going to explain why businesses nowadays are leaving their old analog phone system for VoIP. VoIP is referred to as Voice over Internet Protocols. It is a technology that is used […]
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