Customer feedback system


Top Advantages and Disadvantages of customer feedback

Know your customers to establish an effective relationship between them and the business and get to know all their woes. Every business resorts to using customer feedback systems in online and offline methods as well. Collecting user reviews is a way of connecting with them and trying to sympathize with them. Despite these needs and […]
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Business Talks: How To Survive The First Five Years

If you have your own business, you might have heard several people talk about business failures. If you listen to these naysayers, you’ll start to believe that about 90% of new businesses are guaranteed to fail.  However, this is not the case. According to the US Bureau of Labor, about 75% of new businesses tend […]
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optimize landing page


Ways to Optimize Lead Generation Process

The method you employ to develop high-quality content and compelling offers for lead generation optimization has an impact on how many leads you generate. On the other hand, the process of achieving, qualifying, and converting those leads into sales, necessitates even more care. To connect the content, and make a difference to your bottom line, […]
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Five Key Lessons to Build Your Startup

At least twenty percent of small businesses fail in their first year. The number of failures surpasses fifty percent at the five-year mark. Less than a third of startups make it to the ten-year mark. A large number of business failures are preventable, too. Outlined below are five key lessons to build your startup. Know […]
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Biggest open banking acquisitions of all time

Why are open banking companies being acquired?  Open banking has led to not just collaboration between fintechs and banks but also between fintechs themselves. Many companies have already been partners with open banking companies in order to access open banking data. The data access improves their services, expands their value proposition, and helps them stay […]
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influencer marketing


Influencer Marketing: Not only suitable for social media channels!

Influencer Marketing – What is it all about? The word “influencer” comes from the English and means “to influence”. That is why influencer marketing is often referred to as multiplier marketing. With this marketing strategy, various influencers (opinion makers / influencers) are specifically integrated into the brand communication. You use the awareness of these people and their reach […]
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Executive performing calculations

6 Compelling Reasons to Have a Business Letterhead in 2021

A business letterhead can take your branding to a new level and help you attract you ideal customers so you can focus on what matters most: boosting your bottom line. But are business letterheads relevant in a world that has almost phased out the use of paper? A quick overview of class-leading business shows that […]
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make things happen

4 Processes to Improve in Your Business if You Want to Remain Competitive

Many business owners dream of getting to the top of the industry and dominating the market. But sadly, that isn’t the reality for most of them. It’s hard to become successful, especially if you’re new to the business world.  After all, 9 out of 10 startups fail and there are many reasons for it. One […]
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How to Turn Your Offline Business into an Online Success

How to Turn Your Offline Business into an Online Success

Whether your business is online or not, the online marketplace is already impacting your revenue, client base and potential business growth. Whether you’re a new business owner or have a well-established business already, now is the time to get online. Looking ahead, joining the digital marketplace is likely to be the only way to maintain […]
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