EJ Dalius’ Tips to Transform Business Visions Into Reality

For the success of any business, a leader should first define the concepts of an organization. Active participation by the leader to give shape to the vision is essential, and it is only a leader who can give reality to the concept. They should know their role in the business venture to devise an effective […]
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Why Are Businesses Ditching Old Phone Systems for VoIP?

If you think that VoIP increases savings by decreasing the cost, then we are here to broaden your horizons. In this article, we are going to explain why businesses nowadays are leaving their old analog phone system for VoIP. VoIP is referred to as Voice over Internet Protocols. It is a technology that is used […]
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5 Tips for a First-Time Entrepreneur to Turn Your Idea Into Your Reality

Ideas are the bread and butter of every hungry entrepreneur. Countless titans of industry before you have carved out their niche in the market through innovative thinking, and it’s time for a new generation of movers and shakes to stake their claims. Nearly 70 percent of startups were begun in their founders’ homes, so don’t […]
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Business Assets: Managing Your Real Estate Portfolio

Asset management is a key part of any business, whether for your own business or managing another company’s assets. Knowing what a particular asset is worth and the way it fits into the business can be a time-consuming task. This is particularly true when it comes to managing a property. Real estate investors may specialize […]
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Reduce Your Shipping Costs and Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shipping and fulfillment can be the trickiest part of operating an online business that sells products. Obtaining products and selling them at a competitive price is complicated when you add in shopping costs. In addition, shipping rates and time frames for delivery can change the way that customers view your business. There is a reason […]
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The Impact of Big Data on the Real Estate Industry

The advent of big data has basically transformed how market analysis is performed in the real estate industry. A lot of businesses create their business strategy based on big data, such as defining SMART objectives for the business, media planning, consumer behavior analysis, market trends, and more. Thus, data science has become an inseparable part […]
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What’s the Difference Between an S-Corp and LLC?

Making the decision to start your own business is one that you’ll never forget. Once you’ve planted a seed for a new innovative product or service, how do you ensure your business blooms into a finished product? As you establish roots, some questions will, inevitably, arise about the legal process of setting up your business, […]
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How To Keep Your Business Afloat After the PPP Ends

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has given small businesses across America a vital lifeline during the coronavirus pandemic. The government is granting businesses low-interest loans that they do not have to pay back if they follow certain requirements. However, the program is scheduled to end on August 8 of this year, and at the same […]
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