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Offshore Software Development Outsourcing: 7 Key Things To Consider

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The decision to outsource your software is to take a step further in making your company more cost-effective. But before one starts engaging with offshore technology partners, it is essential to consider a few things.

When outsourcing your work offshore, it is necessary to understand your product and make sure that the offshore team is also aligned with your vision from the start. Companies like Microsoft and Google have successfully outsourced their IT services to India and have seen great results in the last few years. This offshore team will include developers, testers, designers, team and project managers. It is an excellent practice to be always in touch with them.

Here Are a Few Things to Consider When Hiring Offshore Software Development Services

Efficient Employees

Offshore software development outsourcing in most cases improves both the quality and quantity of work as now multiple teams are working on the same project. It is of paramount importance to filter your candidates how hardworking and committed they are to the company and its tasks.

This is where a good track record comes in handy. It is your job to do a thorough background check on the company and how they handled a few of their latest projects. Your offshore team should be capable enough to extensively, have higher productivity and have negligible flaws.

Reduced Operational Costs

Reducing the cost of operations is one of the main reasons and the prime advantage of outsourcing your work. The reduced operational costs help one to control the budget set aside for development and while simultaneously strengthening the financial stake of the company.

This point alone makes it critical to hire developers that can and will deliver quality work at the best prices.

Risk Analysis and Risk Sharing

Risks are shared when a venture is outsourced. So when you set up an offshore team, it makes the person-in-charge of the services in the offshore land to study, analyze, and manage all the risks involved.

So it is best to choose an offshore IT company that is best in risk analysis and management. Your offshore subsidiary should be able to earn your trust while growing your business for you. It would help if you took the narrative to where you see fit.


Communication is a huge factor when it comes to the success of the firm and how well its strategies and ideologies are implemented. Most offshore offices have excellent communication on their part, and it is up to you to live up to your end of the deal. Large English speaking countries like India have excellent communication because they have English built right into their education from the very beginning.

It means that you’ll have an easier time communicating as compared to their other counterparts like China and the Philippines.

Latest Technology

You must ensure that everyone on the team has access to the latest technology and their infrastructure is up to date with the market requirements. It enhances productivity and customer support.

If the offshore team is working on your country’s time code, it would be best to keep checking periodically how things are going and how they are interacting with each other and with you.

Good Customer Support

You are most likely to outsource your customer support too, so it is in your best interest if the offshore company can work 24/7 shifts. A 24/7 helpline or chat communication for customer support is a great way to build trust amongst your customer or user base.

Favorable Policies

Many countries encourage foreign direct investments and give unique benefits to international companies. It is your job to find a location that will work in your favour. Also, an excellent point to note is to take into consideration Forex. Weak forex will increase your chances of subsidies and tax exemptions in the country.

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