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The RPA Advantage for Call Center Outsourcing Firms

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Call center operations are all about agents working on multifarious verticals 24X7 to attain customer satisfaction. When we talk about call center outsourcing companies, the first thing that comes in mind is an outsourcing call center firm that handles secondary responsibilities that businesses are unable to handle in-house like Customer Support, Call Answering, etc.

Call center firms have a team of professionals on-board who take care of the partners’ services on their behalf. You can outsource your secondary functions like administrative tasks, customer service, IT management, sales, accounting, and finance, etc. to an external partner if you lack in-house expertise. Since in-house hiring and training a team of professionals is expensive, thus most companies consider outsourcing to an already experienced and reliable partner. Outsourced partners work with multiple clients in the market, thus they can easily manage communication with customers and earn loyalty.

The traditional call center services were all about answering customer inquiries 24X7 manually where a team of experts handled multiple calls all day. However, with today’s modernizing epoch where automation is taking over all the repetitious tasks and simplifying them with an automated touch, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) turns out to be call centers’ guardian angel.

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” – Joe Kaeser

With the help of RPA, companies can simplify much of the monotonous functions. AI drives the RPA technology, which is also referred to as software robotics. Benefitting RPA tools, call center companies can manipulate data, interpret transactions, and can even trigger responses to analyse customer-related information easily. Earlier the same task was performed manually in months.

BPOs leveraging RPA reduce staffing expenses and even reduces the chance of potential human error. The monotonous task of answering similar queries and drawing insights to boost services to the customer is no more a hassle with the RPA technology on-board. Since bots are hassle-free to implement, thus companies today try leveraging outsourced RPA-driven services to help companies stay in budget.

Talking about the advantage of RPA for call centers, there are some real-world perks that BPOs drive from automated services.

Check Out How Call Center Outsourcing Firms Leverage RPA:

Data Management for BPOs

Call center outsourcing companies often struggle managing customer data. Since agents have to handle multiple calls repeatedly, thus remembering each callers’ details is a nightmare. Moreover, if a customer is asked about her/his detail repeatedly, it may frustrate the caller. This is where RPA helps to cancel any possible risk with data management and avoid customer dissatisfaction too.

Analysing and cross-referencing data is easy with an RPA tool working for the business. Both customers and employees are satisfied when service operation is hassle-free and with such huge data sets, it is obligatory to have an automated tool to look after management concerns.

Data can be miss-used, miss-interpreted, or may result in wrong information delivery to the customer. Thus, RPA technology helps with effective data management and reaching customers with adequate information.

Clients’ Profile Update for Outsourcing Call Center Efficiency

With time, client profiles need updates. Performing regular profile maintenance tasks can be pissing for an agent, thus RPA helps to perform the monotonous functions hassle-free. How?

Well, robots initiate error-free updates and help customers with eased interactions as the data is up-to-date without the threat of in-corrections.

Maintaining consistency is time taking, thus an automated touch is always beneficial. Moreover, human-based tasks have the possibility of errors, thus having a robot to handle services is a blessing.

Summary Scripts for Call Center Outsourcing Companies

Call center firms receive calls all-day, thus analysing and interpreting each callers’ needs manually is tough. Software robots contrarily, collect and analyse data without the need for a huge team of agents. Nor is there a need for huge investments or a longer time, thus leveraging automated tools bring great advantages.

Not only is this, but with the help of RPA, time-taking tasks are simplified helping the staff to gain back focus on primary concerns that are at times overlooked. Analysing data input from customer calls and replying to callers thereafter with RPA on-board is much easier than managing all functions manually.

RPA reduces the average handling time for calls with automated services on-board. With the help of RPA, agents can take more calls and answer each inquiry swiftly as the customer data is managed well and is visible to the agent while they answer a customer.

The business productivity automatically augments with hassle-free service handling and easily accessed data, so say yes to automation.

Customer Requirement/Behaviour Prediction

Call center outsourcing companies had to analyse and interpret customer requirements manually until the introduction of automated services. With the help of robotics, automated bots help to scan, analyse, and investigate queries from customers, which further helps to draw insights.

Predicting customer behaviour and making customer-favourable decisions is easier today with automation, which eventually helps to augment business growth. The business decisions are for the customer, thus understanding their requirements and bringing adequate changes accordingly is necessary.

RPA works with machine learning devices; thus the chance of any possible error is zero. Every customer loves to receive personalized services, as it gives them a feeling that the service provider cares for them. Thus, addressing personal needs with the help of RPA technology, outsourcing call center firms enhance customer satisfaction remarkably.

Leveraging machine learning, RPA helps call centers to simplify customer data management and access all customer-related information swiftly 24X7X365.

Response To Customer Complaints

Imagine an agent answering a customer inquiry and repeatedly receiving a similar query-related call the whole day! Well, is it productive for an agent to answer a similar call the whole day?

Well, we don’t think so!

This is where the need for RPA arises. With the help of RPA, repetitive query handling becomes easier. Leveraging emails, web forms, and scanned customer requests’ letters, software robots help to answer customers instantly without any threat of wrong answers.

Robots perform data analysis and even add relevant details while delivering the automated response to the case management system. Further, a designated employee forwards the answer to the customer swiftly.

Controlled Cost With a Differentiated Solution

RPA uses analytical thinking to simplify monotonous tasks. This way, the need for a massive team of experts is not required that eventually helps to save expenses. Here, most employees feel a threat from RPA. Nevertheless, RPA aims to simplify the monotonous tasks of outsourcing call center firms and never looks upon eating human jobs.

Mundane laborious, repetitive tasks can be forwarded to a bot, which would have rather pissed off an agent. Thus RPA aims to maintain productivity by performing monotonous functions and leaving mindful responsibilities to the employee. Moreover, with an analytical tool that predicts customer behavior, offering differentiated solutions becomes possible and much time that was earlier spent irrelevantly is saved.

As per a study, 25-50% of the operational costs are limited, with RPA in use. So why avoiding automation!

Wrap Up

In the world where technology is somewhere the best friend and maybe the worst enemy of humankind, RPA proves to be a helping hand for call center companies. The best part about using RPA in that it reduces the possibilities of error, and long call waiting issues get limited too.

Not only is this, but first call resolution, no call-waiting hassles, personalized customer service, etc. are among the best-picked advantages of having an RPA technology by the business side.

Call center outsourcing companies struggle a lot, managing monotonous functions with a limited workforce. RPA is the aid, as it simplifies conversational skills and uplifts employee satisfaction by automating menial tasks.

As per the ‘Gartner’ report, eight of the fifteen biggest specialist organizations have marked arrangements or are marking arrangements to incorporate RPA into their procedures, frameworks, applications, and infrastructural setup.

So, are you incorporating RPA to your business functions soon? Leverage its operational competence and save costs!

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