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An Invoice Maker Is an Essential Tool Every Business Needs

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Having decided to choose a difficult path of trade at the international level, any businessman should be well versed in export and import operations. It is important to clearly understand what an invoice is, what its functions are, and how to fill it correctly. So, let’s try to make everything clear.

An invoice is the main trade document that accompanies any cargo sent abroad. The document contains detailed information about the transaction. The invoice is issued by the sender, any employee of the enterprise or company who has the exclusive right to send goods and materials abroad, as well as having the right to issue and sign related papers. As a rule, invoices are drawn up in English, as this is the main language in world trade.

Why You Need an Invoice

The procedure of customs clearance of goods implies the presence of a wide package of documents, the most important of which is an invoice. This document indicates the fact of goods shipment and the obligation of the recipient to pay for the goods, according to clearly defined agreements (except pre-payment cases). The amount of money to be paid is also indicated in an invoice, as well as the number of units of goods, the details of the parties, and so on.

How To Fill in an Invoice Correctly

The correct filling of the invoice is the most important moment for the success of any foreign economic transaction. It not only confirms the fact of sending trade and material assets but also facilitates delivery within the agreed time frame. Any errors that may take place when filling out the document can cause a delay at customs, which, in turn, can cause additional problems. Usually, a correctly drafted document consists of the following elements:

  • Invoice number and issue date.
  • The date on which the goods or services are delivered.
  • Names and addresses of both parties.
  • Payment details.
  • Terms of delivery according to INCOTERMS 2010.
  • Product name and description (how many items, their sizes, color).
  • Total amount to be paid, expressed in numbers and words.

Benefits of Organized Invoicing

Customs is not the only place where an invoice is needed. If you are engaged in selling goods/services, there is often the need to send invoices to your customers. With the help of an invoice maker, your clients will not forget it’s high time to pay. The properly-organized process of sending invoices can make your business processed run smoothly and without any problems. So, invoices are needed both for goods transportation and for informing customers about the need of making a payment. The benefits of invoices for business are the following:

  1. With the help of invoices, it’s easy to organize your business processes. Your records and finances will be perfectly organized and up-to-date.
  2. If the client is not informed about the necessity of making a payment, will this person pay? Well, some will, but a majority of people will simply forget about it. Timely invoices will help you forget about such a problem. Many people pay for goods immediately after they receive invoices, so mind it.
  3. If your invoices look professional, people will get a better image of your company, which is also a huge plus. People’s trust – that’s what you’ll get.

Invoicy – Quick and Easy Way To Get Your Invoices Ready

You already know why invoices are needed. Understandably, it takes too much time to get your invoices ready (especially if you are a beginner). Nowadays, there are many Internet platforms that provide services of automatic invoice generation. Invoicy is a vivid example of a convenient, easy to use, and understandable platform.

Having selected Invoicy, you won’t have to spend hours thinking whether this or that invoice is good or bad. Invoicy will help you to do everything correctly very quickly! There are fields with companies’ names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, business numbers. There is also a number of an invoice, payment terms, issue date, and due date. There are also fields for important details, like descriptions of items, price, etc. If you have any comments concerning your goods/invoice itself, you can write anything you want at the bottom of your invoice.

This platform provides excellent opportunities for customization of your invoice. It is possible to upload your brand logo, choose the color for an invoice, and even utilize ready-made templates. If not sure whether your invoice will look good, a preview option is also present. So, what’s the point of spending too much time getting your invoices ready? Invoicy service is the best choice!

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