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10 Business Traveler Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for a Stress-Free Trip

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While traveling for business is something that most first-timers look forward to with great expectation, it can feel like a chore when planning and getting ready. Below are a few handy tips on how to hack it and avoid the stress to ensure you have a memorable travel experience.

1. Pack It Like a Pro

Borrow a leaf from the 2000 movie “Up in the Air.” A small, perfectly packed carry-on case with which you can glide along as you go past security like a head of state. Take a look at this suitcase sale. That is how you will feel like an important business person as you head to board your flight. Therefore, get a sizable carry-on case and pack light, making use of the different empty compartments. Look at that part, and you will not waste time at the immigration queue, but head straight to your business meeting. Remember to pack a notebook and pen. Click here for more tips on how to pack like a pro and maximize your carry-on case.

2. Coming and Going

Every international traveler needs an updated passport with at least six months before expiry and a few other requirements. Therefore, ensure that you have the right Visa for business travel and relevant authorizations. Ensure that all the potential paperwork is covered to minimize the risk of encountering disasters at the immigration office. Consider working with a travel manager to help you cover all requirements when entering or exiting foreign countries.

3. Protection Against the Unexpected

Make the wise move of having an insurance cover for your overseas trips. Invest in an annual travel insurance policy, which is not prohibitively costly and is tax-deductible. It will keep you from having to purchase a new policy for each trip. Research the country you are traveling to determine possible travel risks and ensure your policy covers the region. If you have doubts or concerns, then seek your travel manager’s advice and acquaint yourself with the country’s best practices.

4. Lounging Around

Airline lounges can be a place for destressing before or after your flight. Some lounges also have showers. They are where you can enjoy some peace and quiet and a decent meal for free. A business class flight will also include lounge access, although some airlines offer this at a fee—nevertheless, what better place to ride out a delay or unexpected layover.

5. Going the Long Haul

If you are headed to a different time zone, consider sleeping in that region’s night time before you travel. Resetting your internal clock is not that easy; thus, it is better to try and adjust before you get to your destination. And although catching some shut-eye in Economy Class can be challenging, noise-canceling headphones or earplugs might prove helpful. However, if the planned business meeting is crucial, opting for a Business Class flight is wiser.

6. Plane Stretching

Did you know that you can work out in your seat during the flight? You can do some yoga and get up regularly to stretch and walk around. And stay hydrated. Furthermore, getting some work done is not that easy if you are in Economy Class. If you think of preparing for the meeting when on the plane, expect to work in a cramped space with regular interruptions. 

7. Build Relationships

Connecting with other passengers and people you meet is essential, especially when trying to expand in business. Therefore, develop gainful relationships with airlines, hotels, and car hire companies. It also will help boost your travel experience. Check with your travel manager for some suggestions. Consider loyalty programs or packages to enjoy potential discounts and familiarity. 

8. But What About the Cost?

A glazed salmon or grease burger with a white wine jus or premium ale! Hire a car, limo, or take a taxi or bus? Each of these options has its cost, and it is best to check with your boss before settling for any of them for your trip only to return to a frosty reception. Also, keep each receipt, jot a note for any obscure spending like paying for a taxi ride. In short, keep a journal of your movements and spending.

9. Work and Workout

The meeting, quick drinks, dinner, and straight to bed; then you wake up and repeat the same. It is easy to get lost in such a routine and forget to take care of your body. Therefore, find some time to visit the gym, go for a jog, or doing a few laps in the hotel’s pool. Do not let it be all work and no play. Working out will help you look and feel fresh.

10. Remember Where You Are

Each time you travel and wherever you are, remember that you represent yourself, your company, and your country. But also get to know the local culture of the region you visit. And it would be best to familiarize yourself with the local laws, be courteous, and give a tip every so often where it is customary. Enjoy yourself but also remember that you are there for work. Therefore, do not experiment with the cuisines at the expense of your job. Again, try as much as you can to stick to bottled water.

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