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10 Foolproof Ways to Network to Get Clients for Your Business

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It is stressful enough running a business, and as compensation for such hard work, it is only fair that you get enough clients. How to land your first clients is the primary worry, and afterward, the struggle to consistently get prospects could set you off on a panic attack. The good news is…knowing how to network will save the day and always. Your interactions with people-mostly your target audience is what gets you clients, and the best part is that you could even get referrals from these people you network with, as they may have your business prospects in their contact lists. Here’s a list of measures you could take to network and land new clients in no time.

#1. Know Your Target Audience

To network to land clients for your business, you must know your target audience. If you are too sure, you could do market research to understand who your potential clients are. When you know them, it becomes easy to keep tabs on your audience’s insights, demographics, income, and other research content. Doing this makes you see what your best measure will be for interacting with them. So, “the most important thing to remember is you must know your audience.” – Lewis Howes

#2. Create SEO Website Content

Now that you must have known your business prospects create SEO content with keywords that describe your business. This means you have a website (if you don’t already, you should get one-it’s professional) where you write SEO content with your ideal client in mind, and this shows your skills and expertise in the business. It’s a passively-active sales method. If you are an event planner, for example, you could write a post on five essential things you need to set-up a fabulous event; or as a copywriter, you could write a post on how to create a high-performing “About Page.” Make sure your post links to your services page.

#3. Use Facebook Groups to Your Advantage

You need to unlock your business potential through the power of Facebook -maybe not pages, but definitely, groups. Facebook pages do not get much engagement? Well, get over that! And get maximum organic reach by actively participating in Facebook groups. Join groups that have your target audience, or are somewhat similar to your services. Most importantly, be active in these groups, share helpful tips, answer questions, and communicate for enhanced networking. Other members, being impressed with your expertise and communication skills, will reach out to you. Do not forget to link your Facebook profile to your website.

#4. Be Socially Active

Being active on social media platforms grows your brand, gets you a specific audience who is really interested in what you offer, builds your credibility and hikes your reach. Inherently, be present, and genuine in your approach. More so, instead of always making sales calls that could put them off, try to offer value by posting informative content and help-tips in your area of expertise, this will eventually lead them to pay for your services. While posting, do not bore your audience with constant business posts, sometimes show yourself to them in pictures, videos and live videos-your potential clients would want to transact business with a real person. The trust level builds up the more they know who you are and resonate with your content. You could also tag related profiles or hash-tags.

In addition, get social in real life, it’s not all behind-the-screen. Attend social functions-industry events, seminars, workshops, ceremonies, etc. Network with people you meet, and share your business cards. Meeting one-on-one is really effective in building relationships with prospects.

#5. Guest Blog on Other Sites

Guest blogging is another surefire way to land new clients. It means having your article published on other blogs. You could guest post on a blog-whose audience would be interested in your services-to share your expertise and insights which will most likely bring traffic to your site, and prospects for your services. It also serves as a convincing proof and a portfolio for potential clients, which shows your credibility in the business. It also allows you to network with the blog audience and owner.

Guest blogging is not about perfection, it’s about passion, genuineness, and a will to share insights. Create your posts with your ideal clients in mind, and link back to your website. Either in the content body or author bio.

#6. Sign up to E-Mail Lists of Your Business Role Models

Begin to follow websites of the business models you want to network with, and sign up to their email lists. For example, if you are a freelance content writer, you can sign up for writing blogs like Carol Tice’s list. With time, you can engage these emails by sending a reply if it asks a question, or ask a question if you need a clearer explanation. Remember to hint these bloggers-just a nudge-about your services.

#7. Follow Prospects on Social Media Platforms

Look at the online world through the eyes of an opportunist. There is money everywhere online if only you’d tap into the well of wealth. Create an online presence for your service, brand or business, and be dedicated and intentional about it. Build these social media platforms – especially LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter-as online portfolios to showcase your business. Use these platforms as a means to network by connecting and following brands, and individuals that are your prospective clients.

#8. Feature Related Brands/Prospects in Your Content

This comes with a rule of feature-and-be-noticed. You should feature, appreciate and refer people to, the relevant content of related-brands and services. This can easily be done to do this by featuring these businesses or their owners in your posts. You could attach links to them in your content, and right after publishing, go on social media, especially Twitter, and tag them using @[prospects name]. This makes them notice you, and when you pitch your services, eventually, they will hire you.

#9. Build an Engaging E-Mail List

Building email lists is one of the most effective ways to network, and this is why you should build an email list right away. It’s like picking up your phone and dialing your prospect’s number. An email list makes it easy to stay in touch with your subscribers in the most efficient way possible. You could send notifications to your audience about a service you are currently offering, a resource you’d like to sell, or exciting offers. You could make weekly newsletters that regularly show in their inboxes, and you become registered in their minds consciously or unconsciously. When next they need such services, you would be the first choice.

#10. Follow up With Past Clients

It is crucial to follow past clients to let them know about new services or other amazing offers your business is offering. Since they are interested in your expertise, they might need your promotions. Other times, you could send helpful tips, or ask if there is something they need help with (“your” business-wise). You could also just make a reminder about your services in general, and ask if there is a particular one they would want to hire you for.

These methods are surefire strategies will help you get results. You could start with 3 of these methods depending on your business instead of doing everything all at once, and then you continue the rest with time.

In what ways do you get clients for your business? Let me know in the comment box below.

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