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Tendencies of Work During Lockdown And After

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Nowadays, it is difficult to evaluate all the adverse effects, which were brought by the COVID-19. Over the last century, this pandemic stressed the economic development the most significantly. The global recession went far beyond the negative effect on the world’s population health. 

The burden on the healthcare sector caused a consequent deterioration of the global economy. Among the primary reasons for it was that about one-third of the world population was placed on lockdown. For example, such a superpower as China experienced a tremendous decline in production since the beginning of the year. Taking into account that they produce a third part of the world’s products, the mentioned above situation affects the rest of the globe. 

The panic buying of foods, grocery items, pharmaceuticals, and household goods caused shortages in the number of these products worldwide. However, the increase in the unemployment rate is one of the greatest adverse effects. For some companies, it became impossible to pay rent. That is why they had to either close their offices or find other solutions to the problem. The smartest decision, which is supported by such companies as Bridge Teams, is to implement the remote work.

Coronavirus Impact Statistics

Before starting the discussion of proposed solutions, let us look at the epidemic consequences in numbers. A thorough statistics was provided by Lora Jones and her colleagues in their article for BBC magazine

Citing an International Monetary Fund (IMF), they underline that the unemployment rate in the United States has risen from 3.7% to 10.4%. In Canada, the decline is from 5.7% to 7.5%. In France, the decline was from 8.5% to 10.4%, while in Italy to 12.7%. The IMF says that the world economy will decline by 3%, which is worse than the Great Depression results in the United States. 

Trying to survive, the specialists in different spheres, including IT, have to work from home. For some people, this is a serious challenge because they are not accustomed to such work. Fortunately, there is a company that facilitates the preparation of remote work and makes it successful.

Remote Work

During quarantine, many companies transferred their staff to remote work. This form of employment is expected to continue even after lockdown. It is advantageous for employers to reduce the cost of renting and maintaining jobs. Besides, employees who are able to provide the same results and work efficiently from home will be especially valuable. 

IT-companies experience the most significant impact of this type of work. Thus, for example, Microsoft’s workers are working remotely. Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, underlined that more than half of their workers could be working from home at least during the following decade. 

The workers of Twitter are supposed to work remotely forever, as it becomes possible with intelligent management. Slack’s CEO Stewart Butterfield expressed the same idea. He underlined that he does not know whether it will be possible to return everything as it was. Seeing the productivity of working remotely, they do not want to change this approach. 

Moreover, for those companies that will find it difficult, the Bridge Teams will provide necessary assistance on how to adjust the working process to new conditions. They understand that the number of new vacancies will decrease, but companies will have to change approaches, activities, and refocus positions (change or combine responsibilities). Specialists with universal skills and the ability to be flexible and adapt quickly to innovation will be most valued. That is why bridge teams would like to teach how to provide the preparation of such employees, who will be ready for multitasking and self-organization.

Remote Offices

The remote work is not as easy as it may seem from the first sight. According to TheConversation, people are eager for flexibility, but, at the same time, they understand that working in one office with their colleagues boosts productivity. That is why the main task of is to support the productivity of work in various conditions, and primarily during remote work. Before developing new strategies, it is necessary to understand that there will be a growing demand for new forms of employment, such as part-time work, flexible schedule, project employment, and short-term employment contracts. 

In the difficult for the economic times, there will be growing demand for the following positions: analysts, crisis managers, and managers of all levels, who know how to develop new strategies for companies and rebuild business, marketers, and recruiters. These specialists will be needed for the quick start of new projects and businesses, as well as the reorganization of companies. 

All these tasks become possible because of the implementation of new remote work principles in many companies. Among the pioneers in this task is bridge teams software development, which from the offices in Ukraine, Mexico, and Argentina, helps manage remote work processes for different companies.

Often, it becomes evident that a simple consultation is not enough. It is crucial also to provide technological solutions for managing various issues. Thus, offers their calendar developments and their messenger, which will help solve instant tasks and discuss them with the whole team. With the help of necessary software, accounting and payroll processes become easy for remote workers as well. It is important that along with the proper approach, it is possible to manage teams in different countries. For those, who cannot spend enough time for operating the company, the bridge teams outsourcing company will help to hire the necessary team and retain it with the help of the right management, organization of workspace, and implementation of valuable bonuses. 

The company does not fully manage their clients’ work, but they explain how to provide initial interviews when hiring a worker and how to replace candidates who perform worse than they could. The motto of the Bridge Teams claims: “We are there for our clients throughout their journey with the remote office.” This slogan underlines the importance of remote work for the future development of the economy throughout the world.

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