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6 Most Important Cell Phone Accessories to Keep in Your Store

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Anyone who already works or still wants to work in the Smartphone business knows how much cell phone accessory stores  have become practically indispensable spaces. There are covers, cables, chargers and many other items that attract customers and move the market.

A good cell phone accessories store needs to offer an attractive line of these products, with variety and many new features to delight the consumer. Thus, the chances of the customer who enters the establishment to make a purchase or increase the value consumed increase.

With that in mind, keep reading this post to check out the essential wholesale phone accessories for your store and see how to build an attractive stock for your customers! But before that, have a look at these two points that will be very helpful for you!


Invest In Relationship Marketing

In order for you to be able to establish a positive relationship with customers in the long term, it is very important to invest in some marketing strategies. If well implemented, they can turn a simple consumer into a fan of your cell phone accessories store.

To achieve this goal, the internet plays a key role. Digital marketing, for example, can be used to get closer to your audience, winning over new customers and retaining old ones. In this regard, by the way, social networks are especially useful!

Create A Bond With Customers

More than selling, the commercial team responsible for the service must be willing to create permanent ties with customers. This means that every contact needs to be personal and highly specific. Also, never forget a consumer after the sale: your relationship with him doesn’t end when the deal is finalized.

For that, no big gestures are necessary. You can commit to emailing relevant information about the market, for example, a magazine article, invitations to an event, books, etc. Things like these already contribute to reinforcing the idea that the customer has not been forgotten. This is the humanization of care.

We can still point out other valid attitudes in this regard:

  • Carry out a satisfaction survey at the end of the service, to measure your company’s efforts;
  • Ensure prompt service, so that no one waits too long;
  • Offer a good mix of  cell phone accessories from quality suppliers.

1. Covers

In different models and colors, they attract attention in shop windows and are quite seductive in the eyes of customers. Mobile phone cases are a product of great sales appeal that cannot be missed in your store.

The best cases available on the market are made with high quality materials, such as polyurethane and polycarbonate, which guarantee protection for your Smartphone. They increase the adherence of the device to the user’s hand, preventing accidents, in addition to protecting against falls.

The covers also serve to guarantee a different style to the Smartphone, especially the colored ones. There are also more discreet, transparent options that maintain the original design of the equipment.

Finally, be sure to consider the waterproof cases, which allow the user to use their Smartphone on the beach or in the pool, without running the risk of the device coming into contact with water and ruining it.

2. Protective Films

Films are indispensable to protect the Smartphone screen against breaks and scratches, so they are among the most sought-after cell phone accessories. In addition to absorbing impacts and preventing damage, they also help keep the device clean.

In addition to the display of the panel, accidents with the screen can compromise the functionality of the touch screen. The exchange or repair of the damaged part can represent a cost of up to 20% of the total value of the product — hence the importance of the accessory.

The most common films are made of tempered glass, but there are also more modern options, made of gel, plastic or even liquid. The main qualities of the accessory, in addition to protecting the device, are the proper fit on the screen and the maintenance of touch screen sensitivity.

3. Cables

Cables are essential for smart phones. Without them, there is simply no way to charge the device for use. They are also essential for transmitting the data stored on the device (photos, videos, etc.), being faster in this function than connections via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

USB ports are the primary means of connecting Smartphone cables, but there are a few specific types that every accessory store should have. In addition to different data transmission speeds, there are also several connector models for different uses and types of devices.

The most common of all is the micro USB connection, designed to be a standard type for Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry systems. There are several others, such as Lightning, Apple’s standard model, Mini USB, USB-C, etc.

4. Supports for Vehicles

Vehicle mounts are also highly sought after. They are very common, for example, among application drivers who constantly use their smart phones. Other users have also opted for this accessory to facilitate the visualization of their device and avoid incidents such as falls.

The models affixed to the vehicle’s air conditioning outlet grille are quite popular, and can be adapted to virtually all types of smart phones, as well as GPS devices. Thus, the driver is hands free to drive and can easily view the device’s screen.

5. Chargers

Just like cables, chargers are essential accessories for the operation of smart phones. In addition to traditional models, portable chargers , which allow an extra charge to the device anywhere, at any time, are very successful.

A good charger must be dual voltage, compatible with different cable models, with tablets and GPS equipment. Your store should also have adapters for vehicles, with cigarette lighter charging.

6. Headphones

Finally, another must-have item in a cell phone accessory store is headphones. Although it is a factory item, which comes with most smart phones, users are always looking for more powerful models or replacement of the damaged originals.


The Smartphone headset needs to offer the function of changing the music or radio station, as well as answering and hanging up calls with a single touch.

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