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How VoIP Can Benefit Flexible Working

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Flexible or remote working has become more popular among employers because of VoIP and its widely recognized benefits. With the threat of coronavirus currently, working from home is the only option to ensure employee safety and workflow. However, most companies are still reluctant to allow flexible working to their workforce. Such reluctance comes from a lack of awareness. Companies need to understand the concept. Flexible working incorporates different aspects, including permitting different working hours, allowing employees to work from various locations, and even providing incentives to complete tasks.

One of the most significant benefits of remote working is cost-saving. Giving every employee their desk permanently can cost a lot of money when they aren’t on those desks. Hence, practicing flexible working more use can be made of every space. Another great benefit of remote working is the ability it provides companies to round talent from different locations. Many people leave good jobs because of long commutes and the lousy lifestyle that comes with it. In such circumstances, flexible working can be an excellent approach to keep the very best people.

One of the biggest concerns about flexible working is communication. However, that’s where the VoIP phone system comes in. VoIP phones are internet-based and allow companies to make cheap calls to their employees anywhere and anytime. If an employee works from home, they can use VoIP to contact colleagues even if they live in a foreign country. VoIP is an efficient and cheap communication solution.

Benefits of Flexible Working

  • Flexible working reduces company carbon footprint
  • It can help the workforce become more productive and happier
  • It allows fast recovery from crisis or disaster
  • You can save travel expenses
  • Businesses can stay competitive with global players
  • Retain talented workers who otherwise might leave

How VoIP Phone System Ensures Remote Working Employees Remain Connected?

Working from home has become the new normal for a lot of us, with the right collaborative tools, a laptop, or a phone. There is a myth that only large enterprises can benefit from remote workers and VoIP since they have hundreds or thousands of employees. However, small to medium-sized businesses (SME’s) can also help a lot by giving employees more flexibility. They can have a more committed, motivated, and happy workforce. Let’s see how VoIP phone systems can help your company achieve all this.

  • No Restriction Because of Fixed Location

The great thing about the VoIP phone system is that you don’t need a fixed location to work. Once you set up VoIP, you can move to any location with an active internet connection and start making calls.

So, if an employee spends most of their time on the phone with customers, their work won’t be affected while working from home. They would have to unplug their phone from office, take it home, and plug-in to make calls just like they would in the office. There is no need to stop working just because you’re out of the office.

  • Forward and Route Calls Easily

Wouldn’t you like it if your incoming calls weren’t limited to one location? With VoIP phone services, you can set incoming calls to ring on multiple devices simultaneously. This way, you can have employees at work and at home at the same time. You can use this feature, so whoever is available to take the call can answer it.

On the other hand, you can also set to ring incoming calls on a specific number first, before ringing another number if the calls aren’t answered. This can help you reduce the chances of calls going unanswered. You can also set incoming calls to ring on mobile phones or external landlines. You are not restricted to forward calls to VoIP phones.

  • Come Together With Conferencing

If you have to talk to more than one person, you can rely on 3-way calling, because in such circumstances a group email is just not urgent enough. With 3-way conferencing, you can hold mini-phone conferences with two other participants. This saves you the inconvenience of calling one person before hanging up on the previous call. With VoIP conferencing, you can collaborate, exchange valuable information or ideas with others quickly and efficiently. You don’t have to make multiple calls or depend on people checking their emails.

The current world situation is difficult because of the many global crises. Many businesses are trying to stay afloat. Many people are trying to figure out ways to keep their workforce going while being safe. In such circumstances, VoIP phone systems act as the key that can not only help businesses keep going but can also help them flourish despite the challenges at hand. We have done out part by sharing how Voice over IP can be helpful for you and your business. Now it is your turn to take action and employ the technology that is best for your business needs.

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