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Top 10 Ways SMBs Can Benefit From Location Based Services

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Running a business requires you to be on the move, always. To keep up with this dynamic pace, change must be constant. Whether it is a start-up or an established brand, every business has to be open to new technologies to survive and thrive in a fiercely competitive market.

However, the competition is cut-throat for small players. Fortunately, they can level the field and be at par with the biggies by leveraging geolocation app development to upgrade their applications and systems.

The increasing adoption of smartphones, coupled with today’s digitized lifestyle, has made it mandatory for small businesses to leverage location-based services. LBS can change the game for small businesses in this hyper-connected mobile era.

If you too want to ensure a seamless customer experience, here are some efficient and effective location-based technologies that you can use to your advantage:

1. Local Search:

The localized search uses search engines to allow users to submit geo-specific queries against a structured listing of local businesses. Typical search queries include all the information from keywords to the business category to your postal address. This drives more people to your company and increases your footfall.

This location-based engagement is evolving communication between buyers and sellers. It can be used to connect with a much wider audience and increase the conversion rate. Suppose you want to create a competitive edge in a market full of competitors. In that case, you can leverage geolocation app development for success in the long haul.

2. WiFi Hotspots:

Local startups and businesses with regular footfall can use many ways to engage their customers and keep them coming back for more. Free internet access is a great strategy to keep the people in your store occupied. The more time a potential shopper spends in your store, the more likely they are to buy your products.

SMBs can also give their visitors free internet access in exchange for Google sign up or ask them to follow their brand on social media. This is a smooth lead generation technique. Plus, it works to boost your brand’s visibility and awareness on social media, which is crucial for a small business.

3. Bluetooth Radio Transmitters:

Also known as a beacon, this technology emits a signal that smartphones can read. SMBs can use beacons to engage their customers and improve their overall experience. These beacons can be programmed to send offers, discount codes, navigation guidance, best-sellers & much more.

Beacons showcase your app or site and make it easier for your potential shoppers to connect with you. These shiny beacons can interact with smartphones within their range and are already being used at airports, malls, railway stations, and music fests.

4. GPS:

GPS is a standard feature in all smartphones. Driven by both service providers and customer demands, Global Positioning System facilitates easy navigation in real-time. When your existing and potential customers already have location-based services enabled in their phones, it easily attracts them with discount offers and coupon codes and helps surge your sales.

5. Route Optimization:

Route optimization helps you find the most time-efficient and cost-effective route, along with specific parameters like fleet size, cost, and destination. It uses a software solution to help you find your fleet’s best route based on traffic congestion. This enables you to ensure on-time delivery every time!

6. Geofencing:

This feature also uses GPS to target specific locations. When your potential customers enter or leave your site, they receive a notification. SMBs can use this technology to target their audience with a pop-up advert and attract them when they are nearby.

Cafes, retail stores & restaurants can use their feature to send notifications regarding their discounted products, happy hours, and festive schemes the moment people step into the mall and increase their footfall.

People are more likely to convert with these location-based ads rather than generic notifications. Whether it is a mall, a tech park, or a stadium, Geofencing has tremendous potential to land more leads and close more deals.

7. Near Field Communication:

NFC is a technology that transfers data in short distances. NFC tags are readily available online and can be used to give product descriptions and facilitate contactless payments. These tags can also be modified to direct shoppers to a website or a feedback form.

This innovative technology is affordable and can be attached to any product. Your customers can scan these NFC tags and make payments without having to stand in a long queue! NFC tags are already paving the way for safer and smarter transactions in this era of social distancing.

8. Scheduling Delivery:

This is a supply chain metric that SMBs can use to calculate delivery timelines from vendors and suppliers. It forms a crucial part of the cost, quality, and delivery group of Key Performance Indicators.

All the processes carried out before the delivery of goods are to be considered in this schedule. Location-based services bring you the ability to prioritize your orders for timely delivery and satisfy your customers.

9. Real-time Visibility:

Real-time GPS frequency makes it possible to track orders anytime, anywhere. With instant updates and automated notifications for every task, you can stay on top of every move. Your customers can also track when their order is dispatched and expected to arrive at their doorstep.

This feature is integrated on devices that leverage real-time tracking. Such functionalities put businesses in a much better position to control their operations, make better decisions, and improve customer service.

10. Proof of Delivery:

POD is the best way to ensure that your customers have received their orders. Proof of delivery becomes very important when legal, financial, or sensitive business documents are involved. Whether you are delivering goods through a postal service or a commercial fleet operator, POD is essential to establish that customers have received their orders on time.

How Geolocation App Development Can Take Your Business to the Next Level of Growth

Geolocation app development enables small and medium-sized businesses to offer customers a fantastic shopping experience. And in turn, retarget those who’ve already engaged with your venture in some way. Retargeting is a proven effective technique for retaining customers, building loyalty, and increasing sales.

The time-efficient and cost-effective nature of geolocation app development empower SMBs to stand apart from the rest. With these smart location-based marketing solutions, local businesses can solidify their presence and increase their profits for continued business success.

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