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Guide to Choose Technology Stack for Web Development

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Being a client what are your requirements from web app development? I am sure many of you would say that if an application is performing correctly then everything else is right. Well, things are not right if the technical portion is not chosen, checked and verified properly. If you are thinking that technology stack is not your cup of tea and the web app development services team would look after it then you are partially correct. You should research on the necessary tech stack that would help in business growth.

What is Tech Stack and Why It is Important

It is a set of tools and frameworks that are used on a web app to assure good functioning. Technology stack plays a vital role in web application development. Big companies have a team of professionals to work on tech stack but what about those who are running their start-ups or are a small enterprise that cannot afford professionals for technical consultancy. You need not worry if you fall under this category.

What are Important Things to Consider While Choosing Tech Stack?

While looking for the tech stack for a web app, it is necessary to outline the requirement. Below mentioned are the most essential things that you need to look after while selecting technology stack.

Type of Application:

This is the most important feature that would aid you in deciding the right technology stack. If it is a single functionality app then you need not put more effort because there would be plenty of out of the box solution. On the other hand, if you are looking to build an application for the marketplace then it is going to be a complex task to handle.

Business Goal of Web Application:

The type of business or project should also be taken into account while choosing a technology stack. Small projects can deal with WordPress whereas for a big enterprise there are higher requirements of scalability.

Time to Market:

In case the tools and frameworks can be integrated easily then it will ease up the development process. Along with this the developer’s expertise also influences time to market.

Development Cost:

You may want to use the best technology stack but what if your budget does not allow you to do so. Development costs include the salary of developers and app maintenance costs.


It is necessary to make the business scalable in horizontal and vertical scales which helps in knowing the ability of the application to handle the request and add components.


A cyber attack can result in a loss of trillions. It is necessary to build a breech proof application. You can do so with the selection of the right technology stack.

Below is the infographic that will elaborate the complete process well along with the essentials of choosing the right tech-stack for web app development.


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