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Key Reasons to Use Mobile Push Notifications

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Recent statistics say that 94% of iOS gadgets support delivering push notifications, while among Android gadgets this amount reaches 99.4%. Leanplum reports that mobile alerts bring 9.6 times more customers who make in-app purchases. Besides, clients who receive such messages spend 16% more time inside the app than those who do not receive any reminders on their phones. Have you guessed what will be discussed further? Of course, we are talking about the importance of push messages for your business.

The Usefulness of Mobile Push Notifications

These are usually short reminders that appear on the screen of your gadget even when the mobile app or the device is not used. Due to this, mobile alerts win more attention in comparison with other communication tools.

As you may conclude from the above statistics, a certain website or platform advertising can be performed for desktop and smartphone users. Unlike web push, mobile reminders can only be distributed by the app installed on the smartphone, regardless of whether it is open now or not. More about it you can read on Sending web reminders is initiated by browsers, and only when they are running on the gadget. The potential recipient must subscribe to get reminders in the browser, while in the Android apps, push alerts are already activated by default.

What Are the Benefits for Users?

With mobile reminders, clients can get important here-and-now info such as:

  • burning sale alert;
  • announcement of new features available only in the app;
  • reminder to continue playing the game.

Such notifications are also suitable for applications of different types:

  • weather forecasts;
  • cooking;
  • mobile banking;
  • travel apps;
  • е-commerce;
  • games and entertainment.

Besides, mobile notifications have a lot of significant advantages for website/app owners, which are crucial to describe in more detail.

What Are the Benefits for App Owners?

1. New Ways of Communication With the Client

In-app alerts are gaining popularity, and marketers see them as an effective communication tool. Push messages deliver the required message to the mobile phone screen even when the application itself is closed, and the screen is locked. Such visibility could be achieved only by SMS messages in that early era of direct marketing when there were no talks about smartphones yet.

2. Flexible Segmentation

With even minimal information about the user, you can create effective push campaigns. You can use all the available data about your clients:

  •  when the user is active;
  •  what are his preferences;
  •  what gadget does he use (IOS or Android);
  •  date of the last purchase and average check, etc.

3. Automation

All marketing processes can be automated, and push in a mobile app is not an exception:

  •  congratulate clients on their birthday;
  •  notify about order placement/cancellation;
  •  use post-sales communication;
  •  reactivate passive clients.

Finally, push delivers your message to the client more efficiently than ever: directly to the phone screen, even when it’s locked. A few companies use push reminders, so you will not have many competitors if you implement this tool. Good luck!

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