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Influencing Factors To Consider While Overhauling A Mobile App

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It is not easy to make an impact or impression in today’s business world. It is certainly very tough when you are reluctant to come out of the old school ways of business marketing. Today you will need to focus over and beyond the print media or those common advertising processes such as putting up billboards or handing over fliers to the passersby. These methods are not only expensive but also less effective.

The modern business world has gone digital. You will see everything now digitized right from marketing a product or business to making a sale or any type of transaction. Therefore, you will not be able to achieve your set business goals if you do not go mobile and make the best use of mobile devices and apps.

The flexibility of mobile devices

With the development of technology, mobile phones are now much more than just a tool for communicating or sending SMS as it used to be even just a couple of years back. It is all due to the flexibility provided to these useful gadgets of today by technological development. A mobile phone is now a tool for various purposes such as:

  • Playing games
  • Chatting on social media channels
  • Staying in touch with other conversant people through video chat no matter which part of the world they are
  • Gathering all types of info and reading articles on different topics of interests from the internet such as the debt consolidation ratings to clear off debt and much more.

All these are done by people on the go and signify that most of the smartphone users are hooked on to their phones as well as the internet most of the time. This is the fact that modern business owners are exploiting to the hilt. If you can get through to them you instantly will get access to millions of customers, targeted and otherwise. What do you need for that? Well, a carefully designed mobile app will be enough.

Time for an overhaul

There are a few things that you should remember and factors that you should consider while designing a mobile app or simply overhauling it.

First of all, you will need to know the right time to design or overhaul your business mobile app. There are a few signs to consider for knowing the right time for an overhaul and the most important sign is when your mobile app is not well-received by the users you have targeted or poorly rated by the search engines.

When your app is not getting the desired number of downloads to know that it is time to analyze and make experiments to improve its functionality and acceptance by the users before things get very expensive quickly.

To find out what works best for your business and your audience there are few tips to follow such as:

  • Do Research your competitors

Research on your competitors and find out what they are doing to fare better than you. Follow them to better your mobile app with an update or new release. Make sure that you do not imitate their practices but take inspiration from those and think out of the box to make it even better.

  • User Feedback is Important

You must also look for user feedback and use it for your app design to your advantage. These are the most significant drivers for mobile app modification which will help you to add a few more points to your rating in the upcoming version of your app when you focus on and talk to your users directly.

  • Don’t forget the Security perspective

The security risk is another sign that will warrant an overhaul or new release of a mobile app. Therefore, monitor your app closely to find out any security threats to it. This is something small businesses often overlook in their mobile apps due to lack of time or expertise to review the components of it or its data flow and architecture.

  • Design User-Friendly App

Your mobile app should be able to collect the usage metrics in detail so that you can study and pay attention to the friction and pain points, the sources of frustration and then redesign those areas first. Next, focus on those silent users who are not interested to participate in a survey or fill out a contest form. Analyze their behavior to find out those things they want in your app and implement it.

  • Communicate with Users to provide flexibility

Conduct a test after the launch by talking to your users regarding an existing product such as a template. Try to build a direct communication channel with the target audience to get their feedback on it. This feedback will help you a lot invalidating your business hypothesis and at the same time help you to improve the mobile app just as they like it to be.

  • Usability is important for a better look and Feel

In order to test for the speed and usability of your mobile app, you can use the comments of the end-users. It will help you to comprehend their flow and make the necessary improvements in your app accordingly. Usability is an important factor that will determine the look and feel of the app just as required. It will also ensure seamless navigation with the minimum number of clicks and faster execution.

  • Analyze weak points and Fix it.

When there are weak points in your mobile app it will not work as desired. In order to identify the strong and weak points of your mobile app, you can use heat maps that will help you to visualize the part on your mobile app where most interactions are made. You must carefully analyze such information from the heat map to understand the behavior of your users and optimize your mobile app accordingly.

When you overhaul your mobile app you must make sure that you use the right technology. Use a solid API so that you eliminate any slow, redundant or incomplete work and make it unified and low on technical debt across all platforms.

Lastly, make sure that you check the marketing strategy of your app and divide your efforts between its development and marketing to maximize results.

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