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How to Build a Budget-Friendly Mobile App for Your Business?

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The industry of mobile application development is evolving at a rapid pace. Its scope is getting bigger and broader and to build mobile application solutions, this new year is going to be a breakthrough. With new startup businesses mushrooming, they all are inclined towards developing apps after taking into account the factors which will affect the cost of mobile app development.

How is it possible to determine the cost of mobile app development?

For any business, the cost of mobile app development is the second most main concerns after the UI/UX of the app. This means that it becomes important to determine the factors which influence the cost of app development to make sure the mobile app is a success.

To decide the cost of mobile app development it is not possible to rely on a single factor. This is because a number of factors are involved in deciding the cost of app development such as the choice of the operating system, the project complexity level, the design and the effect of animations added in the app.

To help you as a business, here we have included some of the major factors which are considered as responsible for deciding the cost of mobile app development.


The inclusion of different features and functionalities into the mobile application works as a very important factor to decide the cost of mobile app development. When it comes to deciding the cost of mobile app development, it becomes important to consider a set of characteristics.

The kind of the features or characteristics that you want to include in the mobile app is based on the requirements of the client, the target audience and the kind of the application that is put to development. Still, it is possible to integrate security features and likes from the social media platforms into the application.

You need to keep in mind that the mobile app development cost will increase with the addition of each feature. So it is important you consider the importance of each feature before having them included in the app.

Number of Screens

You can think about adding in more number of screens to your mobile app when you are up to developing a creative app. Some applications come with the need to have several features than in such case, it will become important to add in more screens to the app. This way it will become possible for the users to navigate through the application in more than one way. Taking up this step will definitely increase the cost of mobile app development as there will need to add more screens – which mean a number of hours and efforts on development.

So before you start the development it becomes important to decide whether the functions that you plan to show on the screens are relevant or not.

Mobile App Development Team

This is one of the major factors in case of mobile app development to can get an estimate on the cost of development. Once you plan to have a mobile app ready for your business, you should look for mobile app development services at low costs.

You need to be sure that the company is reliable and offers best in class mobile app development services to its clients. This means before you sign up the contract with any mobile app development team or a mobile app development company you need to analyze them first.

It is true that the majority of the time mobile app development team or the company has some experienced and skilled developers to take up the job. Still, it would be nice if you can find a mobile app development company which is overall efficient in what they do as it will help you save some more money.

So the mobile app development team that you will need for your mobile app development project should have a project manager to take care of everything, mobile app developers who will work on the project, a designer for UI development and a quality analyst to ensure the product developed is best in quality. You will also need a backend developer if your application needs API integration.

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Mobile Platform

For any smart device, its operating system is considered as the backbone. It is important to choose the best platform for mobile app development so as to ensure that the success rate of the application becomes high. Some of the common operating systems that we use are Android, iOS, and Windows. So we get a question on mind on how the operating system that we choose for the mobile app will decide the app development costs? Again the version of the operating system on which the mobile app is developed also plays an important role in deciding the cost of mobile app development.

The operating systems come with different versions. This keeps on changing as new versions are released by the platforms.

Mobile App Security

It is a fact that cyber-attacks and hacking have become quite a common thing today. This means during the mobile app development the security of the application has to be prioritized. Today the mobile app users are smarter and they will try to look at your mobile app from this perspective. If you wish to attract the users and keep them using your mobile app, as the owner of the business it will become the main responsibility of yours to safeguard the information and data that is relevant to the users.

So when it comes to mobile app development you need to be sure that you don’t mix up things because once lost, it is not possible to regain the trust of the users. Moreover, if you are offering a payment option through the app, then you should be very cautious about the same. This clearly means that more effort has to be put up on the security front and this will add up the costs smoothly.

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Maintenance and Updates

When it comes to calculating the mobile app development costs you should also consider about the post-development scenario. Once you are done with the development of the application you need to think about its functionality. It is important that you review the application beforehand before releasing it to the users. Just making a couple of implementations will not be enough. New issues will arise with each test.

During the maintenance and update of a mobile application, the users may tend to come up with new deficiencies and error types in the application. Therefore it is important to keep up with all the regularities. A good number of applications go through the update process every month while the rest of them get updated every six months.

Copyright of Mobile Application

Another important thing that you need to take into account during mobile app development is the copyright and license of the mobile application. Keep in mind that it is your idea that has been developed into the mobile application and so it becomes important for you to take care of things at your end.

There may come many situations where people tend to copy certain elements from the existing applications. Therefore, you can avoid such kind of things happen to your business by requesting copyright at the beginning of your application. Doing this will secure your application from getting used by others but it will add up the development costs.

It would be better than you request a license before publishing the application. The license will let you get your app on the app stores. For the same, you will have to make some payments.

Hybrid or Native App

You can find two types of mobile app development options available based on the usability of the application. Either you can have a native mobile app development or a hybrid mobile app development followed and the one you choose will determine the cost of the app development.

The conventional app that we find is native mobile application and it comes with the best features and is good in performance too. The user experience offered by such apps is high in standard too. Hybrid apps, on the other hand, is capable to run on multiple platforms.

The time and effort needed to build a hybrid application are quite less. Again, when compared to native mobile application hybrid apps turn out to be a cost-effective solution. Whether you choose to build a native app or a hybrid app depends on the business requirements. You can make a final choice about choosing the platform by properly weighing the pros and cons of both the app development scenarios. You can go for the best mobile app development company in India for affordable services.

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The overall cost of mobile application development depends on a number of factors. When you consider such factors you will also be able to choose the right mobile application development company for the job. Whether you are running an enterprise or a startup, having an idea about such factors is very essential in deciding the success of the mobile app development project within your fixed budget.

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